Monday, May 22, 2017

Saudis blew up the WTC in 2001 and Trump receives their highest civilian award from the King in 2017!

 What next! go to North Korea and bow down to Kim and take his medal’s too?

Folks this is called international diplomacy! It sells the people you represent for some ulterior or vicarious pleasure you may get that is very personal and has nothing to do with the Country you represent.

The Saudis paid big money to consult one of the best US Psychologists to perfectly understand how Donald Trump’s mind works and they saw that giving him the highest civilian award of the Kingdom would ‘temporarily’ endear him to the Saudis as good guys, no matter what intelligence you get about them being the worst regime for their own people, let alone those who are NOT Saudi who could actually fare worse if they are a paler shade of white.

Such is the insecurity of the Country, that had the DONALD spent just US$150 on consulting a psychologist to explain the Saudi Frame of mind, he would understand how insecure they find themselves in their own world, trusting none and hoping against all hope that they can dupe the US to back them so that their monarchy can survive a little more, at least until the oil runs out so they scad-addle out of there as quick as possible.

Saudis are simply opportunists who will be the first to dump the guardians of the holiest shrine talk if they did not think it was advantageous to them, and in the context of saving their behinds will sacrifice all their citizens who will have to fight the big fight on the Rulers behalf when the inevitable power struggle takes place where the princes will find themselves at the losing end.

It is therefore just as well that Donald Trump is just planning his survival as POTUS for the 4 years only making contacts so he can begin to make the deals he is so good as when he returns to the civilian life and to retake charge of his business empire and call in the cards and promises he got from the people while he was President.

I may sound cynical, but just think through all the possible outcomes, put it into a computer program, or a sophisticated algorithm, and what do you come up with? The answer is NO different to what I have shown above.

The United States knows that their future is forever secure, as only they can survive momentous upheaval due to the checks and balances and the democracy, that advantage is NOT what the Saudi’s have and their survival ONLY depends on how long the US their only serious ally is willing to bankroll them or provide them with the security apparatus they need for survival.

In the medium term! The system does NOT have the ability to continue and we all know it. Question is how long?

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