Monday, June 22, 2015

Youth Meeting in Temple Trees – 21st June 2015

The UNP called in their future leaders to a gathering of the Baby Elephants yesterday at Temple Trees.

A diktat went out from the General Secretary to all UNP Electoral Organizers to send 10 of their most active Youth to the event. They duly acquiesced, so a contingent of 1,500 were present of the best of the party if the Organizers did as they were told.

Including lunch the whole proceedings were only from 10am to 2pm even though it was scheduled to start at 9am. 99% of the people attending this event felt their time, energy, and money was WASTED as they came with nothing, and they went with even less.
A promise from the PM was not enough to satisfy their desires, and the only fun they had was taking selfies with some of the leaders. The problem with most of those who are hooked on selfies, is that they have NO vision, on how to attract youth, talent, and life as well as youth leadership to the party. A good hard hitting statement SHOULD HAVE SAID “ One of you here, under 35 will be the prime minister of our Country in 15 years, we will prepare you for that high office by giving you leadership from now” BUT NOT ONE SPEAKER DID THAT. It shows how bankrupt the thinking is!

Those gathered yesterday could have been empowered to win the next general election, by the following statement – “You can go back to your polling booth divisions, and with the most active female youth member of that division, as the leader, go to 200 homes in your polling booth division where there are females under 35 registered and speak to them, and give them our policy for youth. If you convince 125 of them to vote for the UNP next time, you will have changed the 1,000,000 female youth who voted for Mahinda and 500,000 to Maithripala, to change to 1,000,000 voting for Ranil and 500,000 for the others, giving a full 1M vote advantage to the UNP, as 500,000 more votes for the Elephant with a similar fewer votes for the Bulath Kolaya! And then we will promise”

“Each and every one of you here if you want will be provided with a job, commensurate with your ability and you have my word on it.” How powerful will those words resonate with the people present, and what more power when they go home and relate this to their kith and kin.

Wont they also want to join this winning team? Give them all the T shirt to be proud of their attendance instead of a biriyani lunch and send off!

Give workers a chance, and send them on a leadership training course to further empower them in the cause, just give the time servers a title and send them to Siberia. It is the time servers of the UNP that are spoiling the party, and preventing the visionaries from moving the party forward to the new age of Global thinking and doing.

In short accept this event as an utter unadulterated failure, learn from it and take a cue from this blog entry and follow some of its thinking, there is NO way if this thought process is followed you can lose, and it is all free advice to those sensible enough to take it. 

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