Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time for a change in UNP leadership of the Youth to the “Rural Youth”

I clearly showed in the previous blog entry, that the so called hierarchy both of the party, and the so called representatives of the Youth, those occupying the first two rows IS CLEARLY BANKRUPT.

It is therefore of VITAL importance that the party CAN go forward from a representative group of youth from the Provinces, (all bar the Western) to take back the leadership, develop their own program and take it to the grass roots, to address the real concerns of the masses of youth today.

Due to income disparity and economic advantage the Western Province Youth are not as disadvantaged as he rest of the Country, and are looking more for political leadership based on their level of wealth, rather than of being of real assistance and leadership, and knowledge to identify the real problems of rural youth, who currently don’t have a say, and who have all the votes at their disposal.

It is therefore the need of the hour to have a sea change to get the services of the youth in the peripheral areas to take control of the Youth Organization, so that it becomes RELEVANT and APPROPRIATE to their needs. Only then will they be able to empower the youth of today to the UNP, and help draft a policy that appeals directly to the disadvantaged youth of today, the population that needs special attention in Sri Lanka if we are to prosper in the future, out of dependence merely from the Western Province, that is sucking both the Human Resources from the hinterland, and but ALSO HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

The UNP leadership of today, being surrounded by sycophantic old timers on the first and second row, believe these mere time servers can provide the goods. Frankly their advice is completely out of date, and they are bankrupt for ideas to move forward, merely thinking that selfies and FB is the way to go in the future, little realizing that the majority of the youth try as they might, still are unable to access FB! Just goes to show how out of touch with reality the Colombo Centric First Row Bull Shit Brigade was at the Youth Meeting to even suggest FB pages for each Electorate.

Frankly they are jumping the gun, as we have identified local leaders who can work. They are NOT the ones you pick at the event, which was clearly the WRONG approach, where politically astute but utterly worthless worthies were selected.

It is time for grass roots rising, as there are very talented youth in the rural areas, who have not been identified here for high places, and their role in this regard is of paramount importance if the party is to forge ahead with credibility.

     Who within the party today, has the courage of their convictions to effect this                change? No one I know! That is damning. 

      It says that none of the time servers are competent. It is time for a new breed to             take over. Just like I have proposed that ALL current parliamentarians are banned         from contesting in future, we really need fresh faces, fresh ideas and people with           life, not the lifeless bunch of the same faces with the BROKEN RECORD

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