Sunday, June 28, 2015

I am qualified, I can perform, I want to volunteer but I am unable to collect the funds needed to get elected!

I will only work for ONE term, as that is the only period of 6 years that I can dedicate of my life for my country and to serve my people, asking for more from one is unfair.

What should I do? Prostitute myself asking my friends for campaign funds so I can win and get elected. Sure I can collect the needed funds that way, BUT once elected an MP I WILL HAVE TO return the favors, and that I can’t do!

So I will never get elected right! Under the present system, it is ONLY money that can get you elected, as it is merely a fashion parade of the most astute in being able to portray oneself as the most trustable, bankable star on the podium when seeking the votes of the masses.


Actually, I feel like contesting as an independent, but even that is NOT allowed, as only recognized parties can contest, and a single individual has NO chance of being elected merely for his standing in society or altruism as an Independent person, not beholden to any political party. There is a slate for a political party, and the total polled must be x%

I am not for a moment implying that in other countries the system is not the same, as the US is a prime example of the BILLIONS needed for a Presidential campaign DESPITE various rules on expenses and spending!

In the interests of a fairer future for the people of Sri Lanka what should we do then?

How about one term in Parliament only! This is completely outrageous, as it does not happen in any country. But just think about it. One need only serve one’s people for a maximum of 6 years. Knowing that one does not need to be re-elected, there is NO reason for false promises, and one can act on one’s conscience on behalf of one’s principles and would NOT have to worry about being answerable to specific voters, but to the voter base in general.

The PM will be the most suitable candidate elected from the Party with the largest number of seats in Parliament, but who he or she is going to be will only be determined after the Parliament is elected, and the MPs will then elect their leader.

It is important that we grasp what is wrong with our system, by making outrageous suggestions, which will then concentrate the mind on how to improve the system at present. We know the whole system sucks, we don’t like our leaders, nor trust them, on both sides of the divide, and they are all publicity seekers who are looking for public acclaim, by making popular pronouncements, to get elected.

It is almost unheard of for a person who spends little money to be elected, so all we can hope for is that the sums expended are reasonable in light of the position they aspire to.

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