Wednesday, June 24, 2015

UNP Youth completely delusional for this Election – Time to plan for 2020

In my two prior Blog Entries, I showed clearly that the UNP has lost the plot for this election as far as devising a strategic plan to gain the majority of the under 35 vote bank.

This vote bank is 4.5M strong, and around 4M voted last time, and broadly they are the floating vote. I suspect due to the split of the opposition with the MS and MR camps, the UNP will emerge as the party with the largest number of MPs and Ranil Wickremasinghe will be the PM, the best of the rat bag of choices available to the voter.

My analysis here is that if my plan had been implemented in time, beginning with the time when MS was elected on the 9th of January, the result would be far superior with a minimum of ANOTHER 1M votes for the UNP giving this party 135 seats instead of the likely 90 or so, and so the powers that be will rue the day they ignored my pleas for sense and sensibility.

Now I will have to work hard to save the party in 2020, as by that time their brand would have sunk, from the jokers who will enter the parliament under all parties, as it is still under the OLD SYSTEM which only elects people who have a huge war chest of funds at their disposal, funded by the crooks, to whom they will be enslaved in Govt. The level of corruption these jokers will engage in will make the MR corruption pale in comparison, as it is the old GUARD who want to squeeze as much from the Country before they drop dead in office, so greedy that even their survival is in doubt!

It is then up to the NEW UNP comprising the youth ALL UNDER 40 in 2020 who will run this country and they now have 5 years to plan their platform, with a vision, knowing what a mess of the economy these self-serving leaders will get into.

If the 20th Amendment does not pass in this parliament, it is VERY UNLIKELY that it will ever happen again. The people of the Country want the 20th but all 225 in the current parliament, MUST be held personally liable for not enacting the people’s choice and will be damned to “HELL IN PERPETUITY” with no remorse.

The New UNP Youth will be able to convince the people of this Country, that the whole rag tag of MPs, of all parties work against the Country, and appear ONLY to ensure their survival in power, with NO regard for the people of Sri Lanka who they pretend to represent. It will then be time for a new leader.

It is possible by that time, Ranil Wickremasinghe will be President, and he is more than likely to allow this new FACE UNP to exclusively represent the UNP as all the MPs of the then current parliament will be tainted, with ignorance, corruption, inefficiency, and incompetence, and the NEWLY EDUCATED youth the only choice the people have to gain Sri Lanka back if the Country is to remain a place they can live in and have confidence in the future, that they indeed have a future.

Let us therefore skip this joke of an election, where very few capable johnnies will be elected due to the Hobsons Choice available to the long suffering voters.    

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