Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Time to take stock of the Neanderthals in the Diaspora who wish for the return of MR

There are hugely racist for want of a better word set of Diaspora, who have settled in the Western Democracies. The Tamil origin racists are virulently anti Sinhala and the Sinhala origin racists are virulently anti Tamil. Both these are minorities of SL émigrés, but SHOUT THE LOUDEST!

As I am Sinhala, I have put the by line above, and if I was Tamil, I could go as far as put Prabarkaran’s name instead of MR and nothing would be out of place in what I am writing below. After all many Tamil origin people, some who don’t know one word of Tamil and fight with their parents on every point except the fact that they believe P is alive and well, and needs to return to set up Eelam.  

I would be fair in saying that these extremes are actually hard to find in Sri Lanka, and I am now attempting at some psychological explanation for why that is.

Firstly I believe, people who take this kind of bizarre stance, HAVE NOT fitted into the host community, or integrated fully, and are unable to integrate as they are unable to fully socially cast of their prejudices to realize the world and most especially their host country lives in the 21st century whilst they are still stuck in the 19th century along with a few others from other diaspora communities including the white supremacists who are also Diaspora in a way.

This gives this maladjusted people a sense of identity and as both these individuals play directly into the heart of their absent longing for the supremacy of their race, in a make believe world that does not exist and perhaps long left them is like clutching at hairs.

After all it is Diaspora that read this blog, and therefore you are either one of them or are not and will be easily able to identify where you fall into.

So if you are a P or a MR acolyte then please question yourself. You cannot take this stance from where you are. You have to come to the land you call home, and fight for your cause no matter what the consequence or forever shut up for the sake of your kids, as otherwise you will mess up their lives, just in the way you have messed up yours

If you think I am talking poppycock and BS, I have actually been to US, UK Australia and Canada and socialized with people from both the Tamil and Sinhala diaspora who hold this outdated and outmoded world view which MUST change, if they are to grow up and also to ensure a true reconciliation of the communities in Sri Lanka to prevent a return to unjustifiable violence, as this view stokes the cauldron of racism in the Country, which it is trying desperately to unshackle.

The diplomatic community representing this racist view as they represent Governments peopled by these nutters bombarding their host Govt. with views that are regressive, but they use the power of money to buy influence, affects the delicate balance in Sri Lanka itself, that leads to misunderstandings, incorrect pressure from the UNHRC and a totally distorted view of the truth on the ground. We cannot tell the diplomatic community how to think as their interpretation comes from their home country, and not the real situation on the ground. All We can do is to appeal to this mentally deficient community to seek psychological counselling!!     

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