Saturday, February 21, 2015

The citizens need to know why! – Former Army commander Daya Ratnayake is promoted to General

The army commander according to the latest news has been promoted to the rank of
Four Star General from the Lieutenant General just prior to his retirement today, the President Maithripala Sirisena.

Was this because he averted the coup by refusing to obey the orders of Ghotabaya Rajapakse or the then President, his Commander in chief? If so we need to know as a nation, that despite his prior track record of propping up the Regime, and being directly and unashamedly involved in the Election Campaign of the Rajapakse’s, against all the rules of the Army for which he could technically have been court-martialed out of the Army without pension and demotion prior to retirement.

This is a scandalous disregard of the public’s right to know, as an explanation is called for when this promotion is made, as otherwise it is NOT one he is deserving of, as his promotion to the rank of Commander had overlooked the more senior man, Chrishantha de Silva, who was then sent to Russia as Deputy Ambassador, as he was still a serving officer, who wished to stay to retirement to obtain his benefits, and could be kept out of being a constant thorn in the backside of Ghota, by being frozen out in Moscow.

It was brave of Ranil Wickremasinghe the PM to insist on giving this man his due by bringing him back and giving his promotion albeit a few years late, and keeping the more junior officer, Rambukpotha to while away his time until the right moment, if indeed it even works out for him, without being implicated in the PR campaign for the MR re-election bid or any other corrupt practice.

I personally do not believe that Ratnayake should be promoted as it both belittles that title, and further destroys loyalty and dedication to the forces for future offices.

Before I end this, Why has Jayasuriya NOT been fired, demoted, and actually prosecuted for his complicity in destroying SF? Is it a matter of time before he is bared, stripped and outed? I guess that is for post Election Politics, to be made a show trial of by SF who is gunning for the Ministry of Defence which I am sure MS is intelligent enough not to give, though he has already interfered in the running of the MOD by his actions and insistences that are frankly uncalled for of a person with a reputation to uphold, and remove the tag of “shooting from the hip”  

No long explanations are required a simple one would suffice.

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