Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Rajapakse Racists are looking at any string to hang themselves with!!!

In my previous blog entry I mentioned the issue of Sinhala Racists. They are from their distant lands, including the Sinhala Rajapakse apologists in Australia, who are aghast that the present PM of Sri Lanka, is calling the Abbott Government to account.

Any learned person knows that Abbott is a joke and just failed by whisker to lose his leadership due to lack of confidence in him by his own party, whilst the Sri Lankan prime minister for all his faults, is a respected Statesmen internationally whilst Mahinda Rajapakse was not respected anywhere even by those who he thought were his friends, the Chinese who have now begun to rat on him to preserve their projects. 

Abbot’s crass attempt at getting political capital at home, as immigration is a HOT political issue there was exposed most clearly by the brilliant Ranil Wickremasinghe. His expedient way was to do a deal with the devil himself.

As the Rajapakse govt. had been pushed to the wall by the international community for failing to admit his failures, which MR thought was good for his local Political capital, Abbot thought by praising MR who was desperate for AT LEAST one Western Leader to say something nice about him, he could get what he wanted, namely for the Govt. to stop the people smuggling, which it was completely involved in for money of course.

The greedy avaricious Rajapakses would only compromise on their lust for money ONLY if there was a Western Leader who would say one good thing about them. So Abbott, who would sell his own mother for a few votes would do a deal with the devil himself.

For supporting SL and the MR administration, the quid pro quo was the Govt. will stop the boat people! Even better they got two freebie useless Australian cast off naval vessels ostensibly to patrol the waters, but in reality to feed their smuggling operations.

In a classic turn of events upon the overthrow of the MR administration, Ranil the new PM told Abbott, you need not have made a pact. It is the duty of the Govt. of SL in any case to prevent illegal exit or entry of people, and he would in his administration, do their duty to prevent smugglers and human traffickers generally with ties with the MR administration from conning innocent people of their life savings to take the NO boat to Australia.

Abbott has now been exposed as a fool, Charlatan and in short an idiot, by none other than the SL PM, and that is bad for any self-respecting Aussie, having their PM stood up. You are an idiot for supporting an idiot so now like the other idiot it is time for you idiot to depart too!

In any case the whole HR thing has been delayed 6 months, and once the truth comes out, there will be NO need for speculation and all blame will fall on MR, and NOT the security forces who fought valiantly and saved at least 300,000 people from being killed, at a cost to their lives. When the people discover that in was MR who was personally responsible for the revenge killings of innocents, then the traitor to the Nation will be finally exposed to ALL. 

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