Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time to put an end to this jumping FROG syndrome

What on earth is going on? We have leaders, I don’t know if it is the operative word, as they are merely con artists that people have mistakenly voted for, due to their lying, and unprincipled actions. Frankly I am fed up because the same jokers are cropping up here and there and I am left wondering who we can really trust.

Now we are told we will have a National Govt. soon after the elections. In that National Govt. will be the same faces who have led us a dance in the past 10 years lying cheating propping up an unforgivable traitor of a dictator, without as much as batting an eye lid in ensuring his ability to rob the state blind.

I am left with no options! I would like to vote for a new slate where there are NO old hands who had anything to do with the Rajapakse regime ever, and that includes the supposedly brave President who took just took a 50 day risk at jumping which paid off handsomely.

Who can I believe? I know many in power are people I would like to see the back of no matter who I vote for. Will the JVP be part of this Govt.? Will they be able to bag 10% of the popular vote due to this lack of trust the public have of this mallung?

We have no answers to a lot of questions, and we will not have the answers until the new Parliament is elected and new slate of ministers appointed. That is just not cricket! As we cannot vote in advance knowing if our man or our party wins, this is the intended result.

So that means the election manifesto will be meaningless.

The Voters are just getting over trying to fathom out who is who or what in this unity government that overthrew the horrendously devastating previous administration.

What next? We just have to trust who? It is just Ranil I guess, as he has the secret key to  opening the door for the future, but is not opening the door just yet as he is sure of his position and his future in the hot seat for the next 6 years after the election, even though he has yet to face the election and the pundits are now saying all bets are off for his re-election with only him calculating to divide the SLFP to such a state that will ensure that the UNP get over a 100 MPs and forms the largest coalition partner in the new new National Govt. where he will rule his own way.  

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