Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cabinet Spokesman - Rajitha Senaratne shoots his mouth off again and needs to be corrected!

Please stop this nonsense of Rajitha saying things that are then corrected or rejected later as being incorrect. This makes Rajitha worse than Keheliya who was also in the habit of telling lies.

It is important that the Cabinet Spokesperson thinks very clearly and is very tactful in the utterances of cabinet decisions, as when they are communicated to the now independent media, they can be completely distorted by unscrupulous journalists.

The latest incident reported in the Island paper was about the system of elections for the forthcoming General would be changed. Does he realize how long it will take to organize and it is simply impractical to do so by June.

In this time where there is so much confusion as it is, about how parties are going to contest, and who will ask on which ticket, to add a further dimension of confusion to an already confused state is simply not correct.

Let us just prepare for the elections on a known date, and let the parties announce their candidates as soon as possible so they can begin some form of campaign.

The current period in politics is tense where the Ministers are under intense pressure from grassroots to show results, when they are still finding their way around the Ministries, where the people appointed by the previous regime are constantly blocking their progress to a smooth transition. The electors don’t care a damn about those excuses, as their goals are currently not congruent with those of the Ministers.

I know there is a history of Mr Senaratne mouthing off, and unless he was appointed as a spokesperson to make a fool of himself in public or out of his request I am not privy to. He is only damaging his political capital and future by this behavior but giving misinformation to the public albeit due to his incompetence in pontification is still not good for the present Government under the microscope to perform to expectations.

So Minister Senaratne, please be kind enough to pass over your responsibility to some other, and concentrate on the many issues within your health ministry.    

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