Friday, August 31, 2012

When will the big Con reach the majority? When they become educated

It is now becoming obvious that moves are a foot for the regime to ensure that they stay in power forever. It is a Sri Lankan disease or dilemma that happens regularly. This time it is to suppress the level of education of the people. Education does not mean grades and number of qualifications. It is simply common sense. One that most of the people in Sri Lanka do not have, and the government does not wish them to have so that everything and anything shoved down one’s throat is fair game to the throat and they can stomach it to boot! It is only when one sees the sense in anything that it hits one as being unreal! Then the scam is revealed.

Yes the administration is unreal and many people with a list of qualifications are sucked in to it, just as much as the ones with none to speak of. It is because they are not educated. They see and read the news for what it is not what is behind it and whose angle it wishes to depict. They cannot see a con and accordingly can be classified as gullible.

This very lack of mastery, knowing the lack of objectivity of the messenger is the mark of someone who cannot be fooled. There is a way to go yet for people to understand what truly is happening. For example the rate at which public funds are borrowed and spent without any discretion is alarming.

It does not matter to the recipient of the largesse or the user of the road where the money comes from or what the cost of borrowing is. It is therefore the duty of the Government to spend the money wisely and productively. This latter aspect is what I believe most people dispute, even the apologists for the Government who maintain that it is part of the way things are done, and to speed the process, bribes and pay offs are the norm.

The fact that funds are borrowed from China at high interest does not matter either to the people or the Government. When roads break up due to shoddy workmanship and poor materials, with the contractors paying off the relevant officials to pass the documents of completion it does not seem to matter to the people who are none the wiser of the goings on, as it may be the problem of a future administration to solve!

It is time for the con to be revealed and the public to take a stand. Otherwise those who abuse the system will remain unpunished, as their con will only surface when they have gone, taking their booty with them to far off lands. 

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