Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The leaders of the opposition of 6 Pradeshiya Sabhas cross over

In this made for TV politics of fooling the electorate, one of the modus operandi used by the Government is to make a show to the people, especially via the Government TV channels that dispels some of the common perceptions.

This was so yesterday when the first public rally presided over by the President in the Anuradhapura District, turned into a show of 6 opposition leaders of PS’s coming onto the Government side. Of course in order to go over, in fact destroy the faith the people who voted them in, they go onto the other side and have to justify to the people who voted them in why they did so. Instead of admitting the truth, in this instance too their complete lack of decency is bared open only for those with a modicum of reasoning to understand. They say it is due to internal party bickering!

It is in short for personal gain and nothing else that one gives up on principles and goes over to the Governing side. They have been offered a bunch of goodies too good to miss, and the Government flush with funds to win elections does not compromise on such expenses.

One must understand reality today. The Pradeshiya Sabha model is the means where the local vote is secured to the Government. They have permitted their representatives to engage in every illegal act in the book to make money, a list too numerous to mention, but found elsewhere in the blog, from trafficking in liquor licenses to being principals in the moonshine trade, just to mention the financial tip of the iceberg and everything else below it. They are just asked to deliver the vote when needed!

What saddens me is that local politicians, who these opposition leaders are have compromised their principles, by letting down their voters to change their ideology from justice to criminality. In effect they immediately become criminals in all meanings of the word, as otherwise there would be no reason at all to engage in such a selfish move. It takes courage to be in opposition and NO courage at all to be in local government under the present terms and conditions. So it is obvious what has been sacrificed.

All I ask is that the voter become wise to this obvious selling one self, in short prostituting themselves, and hence show disgust at the system by casting one’s preference to throw these con artistes out for a change.

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