Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Even I was hoodwinked by the preposterous behavior of Mahinda

Sensible people – here is another example of the senseless use of the media for personal gain. I reported in yesterday blog entry about 6 leaders of the opposition in various Anuradhapura District’s Pradeshiya Sabhas having defected to the Government side. Yes they were Leaders of the Opposition, but they had defected over 2 years ago!!!

So for the media, and the Government not mention that they defected so long ago, and imply it was done yesterday was WRONG and reprehensible. This is yet another black mark against the media who OWE IT TO THE READERSHIP to explain the facts and not CONFUSE.

The fact that all responsible media in Sri Lanka behave in this crass and puerile fashion, not giving out facts and act as spokesman for the Govt. is regretful to say the least. It is important that the public are informed about the real facts and not be fooled by a continuing smoke and mirrors campaign of the Government to change the course of history by foul means.

For the record many of the leaders of the opposition of the various Pradeshiya Sabhas in the Anuradhapura District are seeking election to the Provincial Council and HAVE NOT gone on to the Government side. This is therefore most confusing for the local voters, which is likely to cause concern amongst many as the interpretation is grossly different to the facts.

Again this is an appeal to the reader to pass on the message that so much is being carried in the press of Sri Lanka that is patently not true and at the very least misleading. It is important to know the facts and correct the mis perception that appears to be deliberate.

Election time gets dirty and the dirty tricks department of the Government news services is working overtime to spread their disinformation campaign. It is important that steps are taken to immediately to counter the false propaganda before it spreads like wildfire and completely mislead those who read the newspapers who then pass it on to others making a lie a belief in a large number of people.

Be wary of what you read, see and hear in the Sri Lanka media, and look behind the story lines and the objectives, especially of a Government that desires to stay in power forever. 

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