Monday, August 20, 2012

Pala trying to hide behind his sarong in making unsubstantiated allegations

It is rather surprising to see the level to which the media continues to play upon an allegation that Ranil Wickremasinghe assisted the other side and not the UNP candidate in a 1994 election, an allegation that has already been completely refuted by Chandrika Bandranaika herself.

In the first place when a politician for the first time resurrects something that is alleged to have happened in 1994, in his 2012 campaign, has to be taken lightly as time itself is reason enough to question - if there was a grain of truth in such. Remember in politics if one does not pounce on the transgressions of one’s foes within moments of occurrence the value fades, to say nothing of 18 year old allegations. It is sheer absurdity to continue.

I would first question the ethics of any journalist who carries the same after the initial stage announcement. If they repeat it they must point to the rationale behind its likelihood to come out after such a time span.

Therefore if he, Maithripala has nothing else to stick to Ranil Wickremasinghe, then one must assume that RW comes out like a bed of roses with no other faults, if past sins are brought out when none appear to be leveled over more recent failures. Why then make one self such a fool?

The bankrupt ideas of the Government to resort to base allegations should turn any self-respecting journalist to howl at such allegations as being dreams of hallucinating politicians and not of people who are at all serious about their own profession! This therefore is also bankrupt journalism.

It is very sad that as a country we tolerate such nonsense without reporting the logic of such statements made so many years after. In my reckoning NO journalist in Sri Lanka has had the courage to stand up to this despot who has ruined his own District by dynastic favors, with nothing to show for his long tenure at the top,  nothing but personal glory and ruin of every economic activity of local people and with no regard to their well being.

I need not give space to wonder why RW has not commented, as it does not require a response. He has more important matters to concern him than this. It is an indication of the bankrupt nature of news, that this subject is not superseded by important matters of the day, in an election period where debates about policy should take precedence. Come on the fourth estate!

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