Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mud slingers of ill repute get media coverage – Shame on you Island!

Lal Perera the self appointed spokesman for nobody seems to get Press Coverage thanks to a gutter press to which the Island paper has also fallen. Giving people who make up names and then represent them, and then use the bully pulpit to sling mud at others, when their own credentials bear looking into are not people worthy newspapers should give even a line of reporting. It time equal time is given to investigate the credentials of this Lal

The depths to which the Press in Sri Lanka has fallen is reflected in the Island report of DR JJ coming in support of his leader. Of course he has every right, as well as all senior politicians to support their leader. It is their duty when uncorroborated slander is heaped. It is not for the leader to defend himself as is requested by Mr Perera, who in any case is a turncoat, who now acts as a double agent for the Government, and attempts at every stage to destabilize the opposition, while pretending to be Snow White.

The reason the opposition appears to be taking all this flack, is because the gutter press in this case the Island continue to give prominence to innuendo and to people of ill repute to air their views. This subtle use of such people is a direct attempt by the Island to support the Government in attacking the opposition on nebulous grounds, when they should be attacking the Government on its track record. So public perception is corrupted.

I dread to think how the founder of the Island would think when his nephew RW is being attacked by his own Newspaper, stolen from his family under very spurious and unethical means to turn sides and sling mud.

At the very least the Island paper should be neutral and balanced and not act as another mouthpiece for a corrupt and incompetent government. It is a shame that its ownership permits it or rather encourages it!!

It is under these very trying times that the people of Sri Lanka have to face enormous odds and face a poll, with all the cards stacked in favor of the Government. It is the responsibility of the Press to preserve its independence its objectivity, and look behind some of the cast of characters who are trying to influence public opinion. If the ownership of the press is also dubious, then the depths to which they drop is reflective of the character of the ownership. It is then up to the people of the country to judge their reporting having regard to all the facts and come to their own conclusions.

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