Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Madness is some kids enjoying holding a bride's train is reported to Child Protection BUT

5,000 children are bussed against their wish, long distances, during school hours to listen to some old geysers selling them short in an insurance scam called SURAKSHA. There is MORE child abuse in the latter, but it is under government auspices so no one complains.

What is this world coming to when young people who see the irony of this and their parents are protesting that their children were NOT used but did so willingly, while no one even asked the parents in this case when the children were bussed into a purely political event, and were in fact forced to submission.

Why cant we be straightforward? Of the 5,000 children about half are intelligent enough to see through the absolute waste of their precious time, sitting there in sufferance to old people waxing lyrical about nothing.

It is time we grew up and stopped fooling everyone when all the students want out of the education system is a chance at a good vocation that can help them live in Sri Lanka contributing to the development of the country and to their lives, and they don't see anything in the horizon that will help them in this regard, despite constant tweaking of syllabi to pretend the courses are MORE useful to their employment prospects. 

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