Monday, November 20, 2017

Why are cabinet ministers wasting their time hanging outside the Bond Commission? Have they got nothing better to do?

What are the ministers of Ranil Wickremasinghe’s party thinking to waste their time hanging around him to show support when he comes after giving evidence to the Bond Commission?

It was very creditable that PM Ranil Wickremasinghe went meekly to answer the questions put to him at the Bond Commission, as it never would have happened in an MR administration and perhaps the Commissioners would be incarcerated for the cheek of even asking.

However it was downright stupid for 20+ ministers of the UNP to show their support like a pack of dogs (rallata yanawa) behind a bitch, when they had better things to do.

Just imagine the public rightly or wrongly are in long petrol queues even though it may be a rumor, started by a mischief maker that there is a shortage, but nevertheless this has created a temporary shortage. In this scenario all our Elected Ministers are hanging around their boss for no reason at all.

The PM certainly does not want, did not ask, and is very embarrassed by all the attention anyway. SO why did you go? Just because one mentally deviant minister makes a suggestion to meet at the commission premises does not mean you have to go ahead. You just have to tell him, that PM ordered NOT to be present and his enthusiasm will stop in a second. It is because he is deviant that he could not think through what his boss is thinking.

He was judging the problem by his own limited thinking capacity, and thought the PM would like this attention, so he pushed everyone to go.

Just you wait for him to haul you over the coals for badgering the others to join you in a display of confidence when none was needed. It’s stupidity at its highest level. It is a sorry sight to further frustrate the public that the lawmakers are playing a game amongst themselves, when even rumors are sufficient to inconvenience the  public, they have lost so much faith in the system they are NOT willing to trust anyone, least of all the politicians.

Any story will now have traction, as no one will trust or believe anything that is issued officially, least of all assurance that all is well, means that all is NOT well. When we live in a schizophrenic country such as this where there is no reasoning, it is irrational behavior that is conquering all spaces.

NO wonder then that MR has such brand value even after the complete looting of the treasury by extremely ill judged investments and spending with no understanding of a return on investment, even if the return is political longevity! We have lost hope in the whole system. Bye Bye Sri Lanka’s future.

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