Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Petrol shortage was simply a result of a Fraud being “found out”. The blame lies at the top, and heads must roll, if corruption is to be STEMMED!

How ridiculous is the excuse, that a Tanker that brought fuel was “found to be carrying substandard fuel, and therefore had to be rejected!” This state of affairs just does not happen by accident. It is a fraud that was perpetrated against the Country and this was found out by a local person testing the fuel quality.

Any person with half a brain will know that NO COMPANY ships substandard petrol UNKNOWINGLY! It is so easy to test fuel, that even I can buy a digital sophisticated machine for US$5,000 and have all the tests carried out in minutes. No one will ship substandard fuel UNLESS that was the standard that was ordered, or to put it simply, someone ordered substandard fuel, paying the normal rate, and pocketing the difference overseas, between the normal fuel price and the substandard one. This has been going on for a long time, and this time someone sneaked the information about the substandard, so the Minister had NO OPTION but to reject it.

It is a bit rich when he says in today’s FT that he has been under a lot of pressure to accept this substandard fuel, BY POLITICIANS AND BUSINESSMEN, when it is the very same people who ordered it, so they could make a buck on the price difference, and like they have done before fool the public with low grade fuel that is a constant of our Fuel Distribution system.

Only when we have a consumer affairs authority with some teeth and the machinery available to mobile test fuel around the Country, so that this practice is brought to the public notice and those responsible, prosecuted and jailed, will there be some confidence that the PUBLIC INTEREST is being safeguarded.

Until then we citizens in Sri Lanka are held to ransom by rogue politicians who are making a buck at our expense, IN THE END THE POOR CONSUMER PAYS FOR EVERY FRAUD THAT OCCURS IN SRI LANKA, and corruption is the order of the day of the leaders in Government and the Public Service whose sole purpose in life is to profit from theft from the people.

With hundreds of thousands of people inconvenienced, thousands waiting in queues, the Country is losing productivity and production, and it does not have any effect on the leaders, being driven in their LUXURY SUV’s powered by Diesel. They don’t have a clue how our poor people are suffering. Let’s face it, the MAIN responsibility of the Minister of Petroleum is to ensure that correct quality fuel is distributed to all stations of the Ceypetco Brand. 

He has not been able to ensure that, and so he MUST RESIGN WITHOUT DELAY, NOW


  1. Cabinet subcommittee appointed by the President to look into the fuel issue, should be sitting now, but like all sub-committees, they don't come up with a solution now, they will take months to report and by that time, the people would have forgotten about this crisis too.

    So there is no point doing that, just ask the Minister to resign, at least the people will have faith that those responsible are held to account

  2. Mr Dhammika Ranatunga is the Chairman of Ceypetco. Do we need any more reasons to explain the situation? It is simply not acceptable under any rules of sense, and basic decency, for a brother of the Petroleum Minister to be the Chairman of Ceypetco. If we have a President who has not prevented this, then why do we have leaders who cannot lead ?

  3. Dhammika Ranatunga is at the heart of the scam, and the LIOC is also complicit in bringing substandard fuel, knowingly into Sri Lanka.

    It is time to fine both parties Rs5Billion each, as that is the sum they have defrauded the state up to now on their scam. There is no point jailing them only, it costs too much to keep them locked up. Better confiscate all their gains to date. This will then be a lesson for crooks, that they cannot get away from it easily.

  4. A buffer stock of one month's requirements must be kept, even in a ship docked outside. After all the 99 fuel tanks in Trinco have been unused for 75 years, why? Use them or lease them out to someone else who can make use of them, don't just leave them to rot.