Sunday, November 5, 2017

Cardinal has NO business what kids do on Sundays, of for that matter ON ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, neither do any other religious leader for that matter.

Sri Lankan so called leaders, be they leaders of Business, Politics, Religion, or Education, love PONTIFICATING about how we should live. Well all this pontification has NOT done a drop of good since the beginning of time here in Sri Lanka, because their words don’t mean anything to the intended audience.

It is therefore best for all these people to shut up, stop getting on a pulpit, podium or platform, and instead do what they have been appointed, elected, or selected to do. Instead of doing their job they are trying to tell people how to do their jobs or lead their lives.

It is high time that all these jokers, get a life, and FIRST set an example from their lives, ( I know Cardinal goes in a simple car when he could be driving like the Mahanayakes in Benz cars or SUV’s) They should simply get their audience, to do better in their own lives, like live according to the objectives that each leader is supposed to emulate.

In case you are confused at this mixed message, each according to his own vocation. So the Cardinal must encourage his FLOCK to be more forgiving, more loving, be more community minded, live by example, and integrity, the best way to show others that the belief system is a positive one, which others may wish to emulate. This is NOT done by decree.

So to get back to basics, tuition classes evolved ONLY because the State Schools have reneged on their objective of teaching students, so that not only will they pass their exams, they will also graduate civic minded, well rounded citizens who can hold their own over all comers in society, and any field they wish to compete in.

It is time therefore that the BULLY PULPIT is used for that purpose, not to BAN this and that, but to encourage, coax, to assist, the growth and leadership potential of our nation to do better things. Good leader, beget good leaders, and bad leaders beget bad leaders, don’t forget that, and that is why we are in this mess as we have bad leaders in every sphere, be it as Chief of Police, as President or Prime Minister, as heads of ALL religious institutions, as top people in the Judiciary, Business, NGO, and other civic organizations, who are ALL more interested in what that position can give them till they conk off, rather than what they can do for the people they take responsibility to protect, burnish, encourage, and most of all empower to do good for a common cause.

Until that point, these arrogant so and so’s have to be put in their place, that they should not pontificate on matters outside of their realm, where people will only attend Sunday mass if they feel they can get some meaning from it, not be forced!      


  1. Quite right too, I won't go to church on Sunday because it is a religious obligation, that is bull shit. I should go only if I want to, for personal reasons, that can be one of many and different to different people. Some people only go to church because it is the highlight of their week, others it is the only chance to be seen in some decent clothes by others. Horses for courses

  2. This man is trying to join a chorus, not wanting to be left out of the fray. I hope he is not serious, because if he is, he is going to alienate the very people who he is obliged to lead in Sri Lanka, who now see him more as a person completely out of touch with reality and incidentally out of touch with the Pope's very progressive homilies.

    Another lost soul, searching for salvation, and looking in the wrong places