Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The lies get ever more fanciful – and people continue to believe!!!! READ ON

The saga of lies and our reporters” propensity to give it credence continues to exasperate me in trying to get our media first and then the reading public second into making up their minds whether there is even a remote chance of a fanciful figment of an imagination having even one iota or truth or the possibility thereof!

The latest in a daily litany of lies was the one reported in today’s Island see attached link of the Health Minister being offered a bribe that could maintain 14 generations of his family in a first world country.

Tobacco Companies, and in this case there is only one, namely Ceylon Tobacco that gives the Govt. a Billion rupees a week in taxes, will never in their right minds even offer such a bribe, though they will lobby, and use their legal means to prevent a reduction in their overall profitability.

Any idiot (except of course the Minister ) will realize that even if a bribe was so offered, and Sirisena went away to live a life of luxury, there will be the next minister who will want the same thing and so on. Bribing a Minister is not the way they do their business. Why are you behaving like a village idiot in your own village at the speech given at the Royal College in Polonnaruwa!

They spend millions in efforts at preventing the likes of the pictures on packaging to deter smokers, but that is inevitable soon, and no amount of bribing the aforesaid minister is going to change that. Legal action will delay it though!

So why does this person have to lie like this? Well guess? It is just so that he can fool the gallery into believing he is a pious man. For a family that has been desecrating Polonnaruwa of all its resources for well nigh a generation that is a bit rich for him to buy his way into the next life. We who truly believe it is real living and giving and behavior that determine where one ends up, the rest as they say is just politicking to the masses so that they can have an extension of their already expired political life of crime.

How much can we plead with the masses to understand the intentions of these bombasts and see every word that is uttered for what it truly is? Only then will people of average intelligence use their God given intelligence to assess what is said as being fanciful, and just run them out of town, as that is the only just and righteous act of people who wish to preserve their environment from marauders!!

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