Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why is the arrival of Navi Pillay a problem for Sri Lanka? WE have made it a problem, NOT HER!

Navi Pillay an educated South African of Indian Origin, as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has a job to do, and as part of that job she is in Sri Lanka on a fact finding mission and to meet with leaders and obtain their views on some of the International concerns that have arisen and report back to the UN.

She is NOT here as a representative of the Tamil Diaspora, to find fault with the SL Govt. Do not forget that the LLRC was a totally internal commission set up by the Govt. which issued a report, on which the Govt faithfully agreed to adopt its recommendations.

It would be ironic wouldn’t it if Navi asks MR, has this report being implemented? Of course MR will say it has, and that’s that! That is why we become a laughing stock, as we dig our own hole which we fall right into!

A Govt with a minority complex, completely unable to deal with these normal overseas intruders, will no doubt pick a fight and end up with a bloody nose. It is all a predictable outcome. The traitors of the nation will undoubtedly accuse her of crimes she did not commit, further disadvantaging the Country in its international standing by making a mockery of due processes. The true patriots will be aghast at the way the cretins get away with their treachery, as it has official sanction.

Navi Pillay is far too smart for these school leavers who inhabit our portals of power, and will run rings round them, when she issues her report, which will be diplomatic, tactful, but clear, that in a dictatorship, what is said is NOT what is done. Lies have gone on for too long, and the crimes have come home to roost.

With accountability only resting with the powerful executive, there will be NO WRIGLE ROOM for the President who will have to take all the blame for all inaction, and all broken promises. I am appalled at this treachery, as we have placed our trust in our Government and Leadership to do what is right for the Country, and when their lies are exposed to the world, it is us who are ashamed to have put them in power.

MR has had four and a half years to make amends, and when nothing he has promised has been done, he turns out to be someone who is just a pathological liar, that we as a country must be ashamed to have vested so much power in one who has dealt this blow against Sri Lanka, when someone will have to painstakingly reverse.

It is more difficult to repair mistakes after they are made! Something that the culprit does not understand.

It would be better for the rabble that are gunning for her to desist from their childish utterances, as they are merely displaying their ignorance of the brief of the UN HC for HR. Similarly with MR leaving for Belorussia at the same time of her arrival it shows that the Govt. is ready for anything that is thrown at them, with NO fear! So then why even mention that she arrived on the island this morning, if it was so inconsequential.

We are schizoid when we should be gracious to any guest who arrives  in our island as we are known as hospitable hosts not ogres!  

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