Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Minister of Health, Mr. Sirisena – Hero or Traitor – you decide!!

In my blog yesterday, I pointed out the sheer hypocrisy of a man entrusted with portfolio of health, who uses every moment of limelight to sing his praises, as if to hide a multitude of personal failings. Page 3 of today’s (Sept 26th 2013) ADA Newspaper, corroborates the report yesterday, but with an even more fanciful statement that 15 generations could live in a first world country on account of the money he was offered. Somehow one doubts his knowledge on that score despite his numerous trips overseas, having been underwritten by the GOSL, and therefore free for him. So he thinks a free bribe means just that, free to do anything for life!! Pity the country for such leaders.

Today we see corroboration of the statements I made independent of any knowledge of the link in advance and justifies quite clearly my point of view.

For Sri Lanka as a nation to have Cabinet Ministers, and General Secretary of the SLFP to boot behaving in such personal glorification, and downright lying, when it affects Sri Lanka’s image all over the world, which will put off any foreign investor who does not wish to be associated with a country where their leaders continue to lie, as they know their voter base believe in such lies, so as to credit them with sainthood in my book is traitorous and should be punished.

Every Health Minister in every country on the face of the Earth MUST BE conscious about the Health of their Nation and do something to improve the health. That does not garner person holding such office any more plaudits. So to make political capital of him doing his job (the example here being enacting legislation or procedures within the law, so as to have illustrations of packets of cigarettes with photos of the consequences of cigarette smoking is a normal part of his job, and in most developed countries these are already in place. So why not in Sri Lanka?

Taking credit and making statements that he would lay his life down for this is just play acting and playing to the gallery, which is reprehensible and should be scorned, as it put into disrepute the honorable intentions of a person doing his job.

It is time that the Media grow up, and call to task, in the interests of the Nation, the apparent conflict between their responsibility to report the news, to point out to the reader the inconsistencies of statements, and the detrimental effect such statements could result for the nation as a whole. They must put Country before ‘Individuals’ so that in future, people will not take the ‘spinelessness’ of the media for granted to make outrageous statements for personal advancement at the expense of the best interests of the Country. 

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