Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Secretary to Ministry of Law and Order and IGP – Time a few examples of clearing the inner rot are made if the following are to be prevented

The following story beats the cake, and I am sure the whole story as usual has not been given to the reader. In short the Police from the Padukka Police Station barged into a private party of a person leaving for an overseas job the following day, and beat the man senseless, and is now hospitalized in Homagama Base Hospital.

What on earth are the Police doing there unless they have a warrant for a search which they clearly did not have. So to trespass a private party in the first place is illegal, and added to that a whole series of criminal acts were perpetrated. I don’t know if the Police Officers were inebriated, but that is not the point.

The Police have a job to protect the citizens from criminals who break the law. Simply put they must enforce the law fairly and justly so that the Citizens of Mother Lanka are protected from criminals. What happens when the Police become the criminals? Who is there to protect the innocents?

In answering those questions, one is clear that there is a serious breakdown in law and order and it is the Police who are behind this in MANY cases, and NOT a few that is attributed to the Police by the senior  Police Officers who are either ignorant or choose to be blind!

One cannot stress enough the importance of the police to be law abiding, and to be seen to be law abiding too. They must resist the pressures put upon them by unsavory political goons who threaten them with transfers and more heinous pitfalls if they do not do as they say. It is time that the Political Goons, of which there are many in the Island, are also shown the door, so they do not try to establish as practice this completely abhorrent behavior.

I am sure this news item will just die with this story, with NO follow up. We must find what happened to the violators, and if they were booked, prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if found guilty receive adequate punishment, so that it is a deterrent. Additionally, it would be appropriate for the OIC Padukka to be reprimanded, transferred and found wanting, as he cannot control his staff, who should have been able to behave in a more salutary manner, and not engage in beating innocent civilians to pulp for self gratification. Watch this space!!  

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