Friday, August 2, 2013

Direct and personal interference on the part of the President on the independence of the Press

It is an open secret that the President interferes by directly calling the Editors of newspapers and telling them what and what not to do. Often when there was adverse publicity relating to Govt or a high up or a family member it was suppressed by direct calls by the President or one of his family.
A recent case in point was when a Presidential son beat up on a Rugby referee and it was hushed by personal intervention of the family to all the print and broadcast MEDIA!
This was also the case last night, when the news of the day was the “disproportionate use of force” by the STF and SF against the innocent civilians of the Weliveriya and Belummahara areas of the Gampaha District.
Anyone with any common sense will realize that the papers that the President was able to speak to refrained from putting this in the headlines, and those he was not able to get through, did put this very important news, on their front pages.
Congratulations, Daily Mirror and Lankadeepa to have the guts to tell the people of this country what it is they should know of the abuse of the power granted to this government. If civilians are unable to demonstrate peacefully until their grievances are heard, and instead be fired upon by LIVE BULLETS, that is nothing short of a gross abuse of HUMAN RIGHTS.
If the Govt. is prepared to take such steps to stop a small demonstration, what is in store for future agitation? They are sadly mistaken if they think they can silence peaceful patriotic citizens of this country, to protect what are their rights from the actions of a traitorous and murderous regime, hell bent on imposing their warped sense of self worth on the people of Sri Lanka!

It is high time people take to the streets and people power shows that the Government power is exactly what it is worthless when they try to suppress the just rights of the citizens. This government DOES NOT represent the people, as they have successfully bought the electorate by buying all the politicians to do their bidding. It is for the people now to realize this canard and rebel first at the ballot box against the brutal assassination of the people’s rights and freedoms, tell this ruling CABAL that they are nothing more than a CABAL of their own making and have nothing to do with Sri Lanka or its people, and are more ALIEN than any other form of life. It is now the time for common sense to prevail and realize that this Govt. has lost its right to Govern, as they have lost credibility and time for them to be eviscerated forthwith.

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