Wednesday, August 7, 2013

PROTECTION OF THE RIGHT TO PEACEFUL PROTEST – Is a Hallmark of a thriving democracy!

The Government by its direct action has effectively removed the right to peaceful protest, and thereby any semblance it has so far tried to pretend that we are a democracy.
It is with this canard, that we approach the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November, with lies, duplicitous behavior and pretense that the GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) is serious in addressing one of the numerous claims made against.
It was hilarious when the Leader of the House implied that petrol bombs, and even bullets were fired at the forces who were there! Why were the forces brought there in the first place when they had NO business being anywhere near the place. It is the duty of the Police to protect law and order, and to ensure that under the current status where Emergency Regulations are NOT in force, they have sole authority in managing and resolving local policing and crowd control issues arising from legitimate protests on a fundamental right of the availability of drinking water.
If a Government with such a powerful majority in Parliament is able to lie in Parliament, without impunity, its legitimacy to rule is called into question, when it can easily be proved that the Government has assumed a posture of deliberate lying to achieve its ends.
It is further embarrassing for a mature democracy to face the wrath of the US and UK, with their respective governments calling for the restoration of law and order, and the right to peaceful protests. This foreign interference is predicated on the inability of the present GOSL to enforce the basic laws of the land, as they are continually broken only by the servants of the state, both elected (Pradeshiya Sabha Members, Provincial Councillors, and Members of Parliament) and un-elected, Secretaries of Ministries, with the prime abuser and law breaker being the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense being at the forefront of this illegal activity. I wonder the fact that he is an American Citizen precludes him from the laws of the land, and that he is doing his bidding from a different master as CIA agent. In light of this action is that accusation far fetched?

It is time that democracy is restored not in mere pretense but in reality, where even today, election laws are brazenly broken by ruling party politicians, without any action on the part of the Law Enforcement Authorities. Let us stick up for law and order, justice for all equally under the law, and good governance.

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