Thursday, June 27, 2013

Even the Oxen frown on Sinhala Ravaya’s Bull Shit! If you were an OX who would you back?

The Sinhala Ravaya pedents claim that within a few months, all cattle slaughter would be banned, terminated or prohibited in one way or another in the island.
Are they ready for the shit that is going to hit their gleaming gowns? No, being a very impractical and inhumane lot, they would rather see the increasing mistreatment by the people of the cattle, creating a crisis.
We currently do not live in 1000AD when the breeds of cattle were domestic. They did not procreate as frequently as today’s mixed breeds, and were herded and corralled differently. Unless we create similar conditions to ensure that the available fodder and range, and removal of vaccines so diseases could spread wiping out thousands in a few days, which effectively acted as natural controls when over population threatened, we are in for a period of mass starvation, inhumanity, and gross injustice to the living cattle.
We are not prepared to give more fodder to the cattle, we have fewer lands available to sustain them, and we are likely to see emaciated suffering animals all around which we in a feeling of compassion appear to prefer to see alive than dead. Its all about cruelty to animals stupid! That is not what we believe.
We are lead by zealots of zeal not humans with humanity, and the people are just gullible junkies of moronic persuasion permitting criminal minds in the veneer of compassion to prey on ignorance, and create a catastrophe, which with an outbreak of foot and mouth may enter the human stream to create mayhem.
The only practical way to avoid the impending disaster, if we do decide not to go back to living the way we did in 1000 AD is to suffocate every day old bull calf at birth, but then who is going to do the killing?
If only the fundamentalists realize that it is essential to maintain an equilibrium, in all things including religions, and practices, that is how the balance is preserved. We must understand the huge environmental disaster that the methane these living, starving and pathetic creatures produce is going to cost.

It is important that people’s thoughts are lead by altruism and not by greed, envy or hate, all of which boil over in the unbuddhist utterings of the Ravaya who are none other than misguided neophytes to a thought process, that does not bear any resemblance to an established and rich belief system, and if they claim to be Buddhist, puts this greatest of philosophies at odds with Ravaya perceptions. It is time the sane practitioners of Buddhism have the courage to rise up and prevent charlatans from defaming the noble faith.

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