Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ravi Karunanayake – How many lives do you think you have?

We all know that finally the “Chickens will come home to roost” and now they have caught up on a lifetime of fraud beginning with how you snatched Roton Vander from the unsuspecting owner right from under his feet! I knew Shelton and how he suffered as a result!

Fast forward 25 years and now you are doing the same thing to the PM, using your knowledge to spill the beans, and taint his Mr Clean image to the chagrin of his millions of followers! Why?

Why did you go and meet Mahinda Rajapaksa, and offer to come over to his side, and use all your inside information to betray Ranil Wickremasinghe, as a sure way to get him sacked as the PM? Ironically MR had more sense of gratitude than you, as he had saved RW’s skin allowing him to remain as the Leader of the Opposition when the whole Maharajah Organization was shitting on him to go, and with that sense of gratitude, did not wish to entertain a TURNCOAT like you, who was clearly a “KUNU GODA” that even he would not touch even if he was paid to do so. He considers you such a liability in his camp, that you are now left to the VULTURES to eat you alive.

So what do you do, go back to the UNP and tell Kabir you will spill the beans if you are cast out of the fold! Kabir who does not have a backbone, is not strong enough to call your bluff, and instead is trying to buy time by defending you at the MOMENT, hoping something or someone will soon find a way out of this predicament on what to do to you.

Have you realized what a liability you have become to the Human Race, when you suddenly find yourself devoid of friends, and the only temporary ones are those you can buy, because they need the money and you know it?

Don’t put this UNF govt. through this impeachment saga, please! You know you cannot win as most of the MPs in Govt. have had it, as you are seen as the devil’s advocate, and their futures have been affected due to your unabashed greed, that extends to your colleagues you are about to OUT too, as part of your avowed intention to take the baby with the bath water.

The safest course of action for the long term, for the stability not just of the Govt. but the whole Country and its need to develop, is for you to gracefully offer your resignation to the President, and as a face saving gesture to the few believers you have left, say that you do so until your name is completely cleared of any wrongdoing. How easy is that? You know you cannot work anymore in any capacity anywhere, but you have enough for a few generations, so it is OK!

Please see my previous blog post which is the safest exit strategy for the PM to deal with the currently UNPREDICTABLE Ravi, who faces the Bond Commission today, and is trying to decide which lie is more believable (to him) as nothing will be accepted by them, not even the truth!

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  1. you cannot be forgiven for taking the lotteries board with you when going to the foreign ministry, as the whole country now knows why? You scam money from EVERY lottery ticket!

    Why make it so obvious that you are stealing? Now you have nowhere to hide, and no one to defend you, due to your brazen disregard for the law of the land. How can you be so greedy?