Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Prime Minister, please listen to your only option of survival !


You did not listen to me then, when in this blog on January 12th 2015 I told you not to appoint Mahendran in any financial position due to the son in law being the largest Bond Trader, and see what happened to you! You lost the majority you would have had to govern on your own, without having to bring in the rogues to join you.

Now your rogues who you have so vociferously protected, who have threatened to spill the dirt on you personally, don’t care about loyalty while you defended them, so it is better to save your soul and the ignominy of being outed finally as a complete fool and conniver with the rogues to rob the Country.

Ravi is indefensible, and everyone wants him out of ANY POWER, and now that Mahinda will NOT accept him into their fold as he is actually considered a political liability in their bid to regain power, it is best for you to take a bold decision completely snookering the players who are out to destroy you.

So what do you do? You simply make a statement in a Press Conference, that you have been let down, and your trust in people has been shaken, and you take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the actions of your henchmen and so you resign as the PM forthwith, temporarily handing the helm of Govt. to Mangala, who is both acceptable to UNP, MS and CBK and a sworn enemy of  the MR lot.

It is the STATESMEN LIKE thing to do, as people will appreciate your humility, (for once you have to put aside your arrogance and lust for power aside and play the wounded leader, where the soldiers have betrayed their trust.)

You do not have to blame Ravi at all, but the upshot of this is that there will be a Public outcry to have Ravi Lynched, and so he will have NO OPTION BUT TO RESIGN and you will not have to face the ignominy of sacking him and he taking you down with him, and ditto with Arjun Aloysius who is using his trump card of the dirt on you to hold on to his position!

In this way, you will bow out gracefully, and will have a chance at the Presidency in 2020, whereas if you hang on, your scalp will be on MS table before long as everyone would betray you to save their skin, making you the scapegoat.

Please take my advice for once if you value your independence and sanity. 

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  1. Before you go please make sure an announcement just prior to your departure of both the Arjun's being arrested on the related charges pertaining to their crimes.

    Otherwise MS will get the credit and all the political mileage in so doing, as he his itching to do this as soon as you are not in the fray.