Monday, August 21, 2017

Another case of a US Navy SHIP MISHAP! Don’t play the bogus games again

As if the diabolical accident itself was bad enough, where 10 sailors are reported to be missing, despite dawn helicopters searching in vain, why keep the same lie I reported on when the Fitzgerald accident occurred a few months ago.

It is sad that this ship is named after Cancer striken Senator John McCain’s father and grandfather, both Admirals in the US Navy, and having to keep all the relatives in suspense is even worse. I gather ship has docked in Singapore and common sense would dictate that, immediately the automatic doors that shut be checked for the dead sailors. I said last time that the sailors had NOT falled overboard and they were inside the ship when they were sacrificed for the safety of the ship, from being sunk along with the others.

Why cant we call a spade a spade and say the Navy had to sacrifice 10 lives of those possibly in the compartments next to the accident that had to be closed off and sealed to prevent the ship going down. So effectively they were drowned by the Navy and not by the accident itself, in order to save the ship and possibly the other 300+ hands on board.

It is this sort of misinformation that again calls into question the PR of the US Govt in not wanting to be truthful and allow the information ONLY to gradually seep out. Just think about it the families on Shore are being informed as we speek of the tragedy and who is missing. I hope so at least. Those missing are of course presumed dead and this must be said now rather than bull shitting on hope that they may be found alive.

This ship was of the Pacific Fleet based in Yokohama and the ship was on its way to Singapore when the accident happened. It is simply unacceptable that a sophisticated warship of this caliber can be so easily caught in an accident, due to the various measures taken in peacetime to prevent just these sorts of accidents from happening.

Heads will roll in time once the investigations are made and the reports given to the top brass of culpability. It is however simply wrong to treat the sailors who died as fodder but as heroes who gave their lives so that others may live and be honored so. No one will want to join the US Navy if they cant be trusted to do the basic human thing on behalf of this unfortunate sailors, and keeping everyone in suspense hoping they will turn up is the wrong strategy to publicize.

Lets hope that if they did not learn from the Fitzgerald they will learn from the John S McCain that lives matter no matter what rank one is in.

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