Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Saudi Arabia AGAIN shown to be NO 1 in funding Islamic Terrorism

The latest report out today, in the UK, see link below confirms that along with funding WAHABISM, Saudi Arabia is DIRECTLY responsible for funding Islamic Terrorism that has gripped this world and blame is misdirected.

It is NOT the followers of Islam who should be singled out for discrimination and antagonism, but the TORMENTOR IN CHIEF Saudi Arabia, who should be named, shamed, ISOLATED and most of all lambasted by the world, including the United Nations for their unethical behavior throughout the world that has NOW resulted in the EXTREME FUNDAMENTALISM we see in the world today, exported by the Saudi misguided fanatics, who are using anti-Islamic means to perpetuate a CULT called WAHABISM that has NO PLACE in ISLAM, but which to date has not been the focus of world IRE due to countries, mainly the US and UK being bought out by Saudi Largesse, be it in helping the defence industries in those Countries, but also nobbling their leaders into submission, by not openly accusing them of their gross violations of international law.

Quoting from a paragraph of the report, see link above for further details: 

“Saudi Arabia is 'at the top of the list' of countries exporting extremist Islam to the UK, a new report says.

The kingdom has engaged in a 60-year, multi-million dollar campaign to advance its extremist brand of Wahhabi Islam in British Muslim communities, according to a study by the Henry Jackson Society.

This has been achieved through endowment grants to mosques, the funding of Islamic education institutions and the training of imams, the report authors say.”

·        Several gulf states 'intentionally' exporting Islamic extremism to UK, report says
·        This is done through grants to mosques and education funding, authors claim
·        Saudi Arabia 'is undoubtedly at the top of the list' of countries funding efforts
·        Henry Jackson Society is calling for full and open public inquiry

Pray tell me if this is the case in the UK, has it not also been the case in Sri Lanka, and we must not fear to expose the true face of this infiltration into Sri Lanka, that has relegated the majority Muslims into forced silence NOT wishing to upset the proverbial apple-cart, and denounce this heretical behavior! for fear of losing their rights to perform Haj, which again is unfairly used by Saudi Arabia to throttle dissent against their abhorrent irreligious anti- Islamic Acts.

I would say instead of denouncing the Henry Jackson Society for pointing this out, it is better to do some soul searching and come to the realization that the Frankenstein's Monster they created will ultimately destroy Saudi Arabia itself, as soon as day follows night. 

BAD KARMA I WOULD SAY to indulge in ungodly acts!

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  1. Who are the heathens called Henry Jackson Society?