Thursday, July 20, 2017

Emmerson – The President – Wijedasa Rajapaksha WHO STRANGLED WHOM?

As if the soap opera continues, our leaders live a life of shooting themselves in the foot. They just don’t seem to understand news and if they are playing to the gallery, meaning their constituents for support even that appears to have failed.

I am referring to the damning report by the UNs Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter Terrorism about the state of affairs STILL continuing in Sri Lanka and the Justice Minister’s outburst about the incompetence of the personage who signed off on the report.

First, will the Justice Minister ever be appointed to such a position in a world body? Despite a double dubious doctorate I somehow doubt it.

Secondly, by his outburst, did he further denigrate Sri Lanka in the eyes of the world. He certainly did, and for that he is a traitor to the Country.

The link above from Groundviews relating to this incident is shown above, though I am not at all a fan of this blog, I am trying to be objective in deciphering our Justice Minister and Presidents public outbursts on the matter.  

Thirdly, When the President PUBLICLY questioned his rights to talk to detainees, did he realize that permission was sought and granted so to do? He feigned ignorance or worse believed it was NOT in his purview and so said he had NO right to question detainees. Further embarrassing himself and his office of the Presidency, that then questions the integrity of our leaders.

All this leads to self-inflicted trouble by our own leaders against the Country, something which is opposite of what we expect our elected leaders to do.

So how can Sri Lanka again extricate itself from the mistakes of their leaders, when we are trying ever so hard to make the world believe in our good intentions in keeping with our UN obligations. If we were not part of the UN or signatories then it would be OK to do anything and NO one has any right to castigate our leaders on lapses or failings at all.

All this is very embarrassing and worse when they portray the UN representative as being out of bounds, to hide their incompetence at not being mindful of their PR in accommodating him so that he reports in conciliatory terms. We got the damning report we did because of the our Justice Minister, and NOT inspite of him. So it is directly as a result of his inability to grasp the significance of the problem and PR sweet talk, that we got a bad report.

When jokers like this who resort to educational qualifications to hide their personal inadequacies and then are unable to diplomatically sweet talk foreign diplomats so they cow down and provide a watered down version for publication, we get this result.

The issue we cannot fault Emmerson’s report because we know that even citizens who are arrested today, no matter what race or religion are routinely STILL tortured to exact or extract confessions, as the law enforcement officers believe STILL that is the ONLY way to get a confession to the crime. They don’t believe that people confess to crimes they do not do, under this method, as it is the lying or covering up that we routinely do when questioned first, and NO ONE really tells the truth unless he or she is threatened.

I am not justifying torture, but merely reporting as it is. We have to gradually determine how sophisticated we get from using lie detectors etc. to use a more humane means of extracting the truth from suspects to crime.

We have a lying culture that has come from the Top that is the Leadership of the Country. This has empowered every criminal to take the attitude, that if the leader of the Country is a liar, then there is nothing wrong for him to lie too, as that is simply part of the way things are done.

In a round a bout type of way, what I am saying is that it is time for our leaders to tell the truth, then when our criminals lie, even a lie detector will detect lying so much easier, and this issue of having to torture will gradually decline and hopefully disappear one day. This is NOT going to change overnight, whatever A UN person says.

Where the mind boggles is that a lawyer of Wijedasa’s disrepute does not know these facts as he has dealt with enough cases where his clients have lied or his clients have been lied to and he has engaged in means to disprove their statements as fiction.

An appeal therefore to the leaders of Sri Lanka to bat for Sri Lanka first, and put themselves firmly second rather than their political survival first at the expense of Sri Lanka. This way we will not allow ourselves to fall into this embarrassing situation where the Minister of Justice, publicly questioned the competence of a UN official which puts the whole UN system  into disrepute and worse ricochets back on him as no one will then believe what he says, except the small number of his fans and supporters who should not be the people he is addressing

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