Friday, July 21, 2017

Cocaine Haul - Something fishy going on - read between the lines

It is simply absurd that you can find cocaine in bags as soon as you open a container, as reported in the media. Either the media is misreporting it or the people are lying! What is it?

No way will anyone send cocaine in PLAIN VIEW for every one opening the container to see.

Further there are TWO completely contradictory stories as one says the police got a tip off and that is how it was found and then SATHOSA says its employees or manpower workers are the ones that reported this upon opening of the container.

Here again it is simply obvious that one party is lying, and surely it cannot be the police making these false statements!

What is going on, and those arrested are the driver and some of the workers. Surely are you implying that they had anything to do with a sealed container, as reported, or was it NOT sealed at the time of opening in front of sufficient witnesses so that corroborative evidence can be obtained.

Something really SMELLS here. Who are the culprits?

I have another story that says that since last year imports of sugar from Brazil has been stopped. If so when did this consignment come? Has it been sitting somewhere in a container yard for a year?

Why is there NO investigation on this find? Who is trying to kabosh any investigation?

More questions than answers.

I am sad that there is strict enforcement of tobacco and betal leaf chewing mix while there is a free for all of hard drugs on sale in Sri Lanka. That is simply NOT tenable.

Why like Dengue does not the Govt. use their might to put a complete stop to this drug trade that is aimed at our young people turning them into addicts to ruin our society?

Who is behind this coup against our society? Are our leaders and politicians at the heart of this tragedy that is worse than any previous tragedy that has befallen this beautiful Country.

Why are the people silent? Why is civil society silent to the most fearsome Tsunami that this Country has ever faced?

Questions with NO ANSWERS - with NO ONE TO BLAME, or is there?



    The link above relates to an article in the Daily Mirror that states that the three Customs Officers in that Oorugodawatte Container Yard, whose job it was to pass this container, were transferred with immediate effect.

    Now what does that mean? This needs to be explained more clearly. Were they responsible to check the Container and they did not? Were they paid off by some higher rogue, NOT to check the container, or are they part of the problem, planting this cocaine in plain sight to implicate someone else, or has someone other than these three officers planted the cocaine in the containers IN PLAIN SIGHT and then informed the police that there was a consignment of contraband in this container, so that some innocent person will purposely be framed so he can be removed by the rogues, thugs, or mafia, who found them a hindrance to their activity?

    All these must be investigated as Sri Lankans are extremely conniving in doing what it takes to get rid of the competition and the honest people so that the rogues can continue unabated in these heinous treacherous crimes, which in the end harm the fabric of our society for personal gain, called GREED

  2. Do matter how upstanding a person the DG Customs is, MOST of the people below him are out and out rogues. How you catch them soon put them away for life, and make an example of them is the only way to clean up the cess pit that is SL Customs, which is responsible for many of the ills in our society, they have allowed through their greed, with the Drug Trade at the Top of the Pyramid, but allowing the importation of a lot of harmful products with little or no duty into the Country, that has adversely affected this Country in the long run in many many ways. It is truly mind boggling that the very containers that are released by customs contain many that violate our laws, but enrich the customs officers and of course the crooked importer too.