Friday, February 7, 2014

The Concept of a Combined Opposition is NOT helpful to the UNP

While it is apparent that the UNP means well, to encompass all those who are working against the regime and its suspect policies, the way they go about organizing this is in fact to the detriment of the party itself. In theory this is in the best interests of the Country (good and noble) to harness all forces in opposition to get together. In practice every Tom Dick and Harry who is opposed to the regime will get equal prominence.

Further like what the Sarath Fonseka Democratic Party did, they at the last minute escaped out of a combined rally by holding their own, because they mistakenly thought they had the numbers to show a force of their own to the public!!

As clearly seen at the Hyde Park Rally on the 28th of January, to essentially use the abolition of the executive presidency, fight against the casinos, and the drug and illegal ethanol import culture, sponsored by the Govt Politicians, the UNP supplied 95% of the bodies, SF was a no show taking his stragglers elsewhere, and the people did not appreciate the size of the UNP presence as the color Green was absent from most of the rally. The place was bedecked with multi colored flags and the stage was reminiscent of the JVP red squak box, where one could be forgiven for thinking it was a JVP platform that people were talking from!!!!

The NOBLE aspirations of inclusiveness are lost on the public and electorate.
The time has come to use the Elephant and the Green to unite the people against this Govt. behind this banner. I believe the opposition to the Govt. in the govt. circles are more likely to ally under the Green than an incoherent multi color.

The Leadership and the wanna be leaders of the UNP don’t understand what the public are looking for from the UNP. UNP needs to remake itself with youth, so they don’t have to carry the baggage of the greed of the old guard who will have to be put out to pasture, as they are a liability to the cause!!

It is time for the UNP to remake itself from those who put the party and country interest before theirs, and in this respect the hardened old campaigners have to be set aside and limited to a consultancy mode, using their considerable experience but have lost electability and credibility across the board. New blood, with vision, charisma, vibrancy, devoid of pettiness is the need of the hour.          

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