Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Leaving Mrs Muzzamil out of an important election and a possible chance at an upset is one the perpetrators MUST answer to the People

The pressure that the old guard put on the UNP leader to leave Mrs Muzzamil who had done much to garner the female and Muslim vote to the UNP cause is unpardonable as it was done for merely selfish reasons of destitute politicians, and against the best interests of the UNP.

Included in this bunch of destitute sadly are the crop of MPs from the Colombo District such as Ravi K, Sujeewa Senasinghe, Rosy Senanayake and the others who would most likely suffer at the current polls, such as Mujibur Rahman and Fairoze. It must however be remembered that it was most likely that she could have ADDED 3 more members to the WPC from the Colombo District if she was allowed to contest.

While it is true that the Mayor has to play ball with the Defense Secretary to get UDA funding and approval for some of the ostentatious projects for Colombo. He has therefore had to compromise his principals of UNP for the sake of the residents of Colombo who is his primary responsibility to matter what his political allegiances are.

Further unlike the squeaky clean record of Mrs Muzzamil, the Mayor’s penchant for hitting the casinos and therefore the need to get funds to sustain that bad habit has meant that deal making has been a necessary evil that the Opp Leader has not approved of. The latter fact is NOT one that should disqualify Mrs Muzzamil as she was ready to atone for her husband’s way ward ways (WWWs) and get a good chunk of the Muslim vote in Colombo.

Let us NOT forget that the Muslim vote counts a lot for the UNP and without an attractive candidate who could have topped the UNP Colombo district the left overs will have to share the balance of the spoils, and risk the anger of the voter for not allowing a better candidate to be selected.

Of course time will prove the predictions I made, but it is not too late for the guilty to make a mea culpa and admit the error of their ways and try to woo Mrs Muzzamil in some other fashion to remain in the fold, which if it was only up to her, she would say why bother! Maybe she should be made the organizer of Central Colombo and be assured of the ticket at the General Election!     

If the Muzzamils are taken out of the UNP platform for ever it is again that the UNP is the loser, not the Govt. so heed the words of caution.  

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  1. This is ridiculous. Mrs or Mr Muzzammil does not own muslims of colombo for UNP to lose muslim votes if the couple is to leave. Ranil went against the party to nominate Mr Muzzammil for mayor yet he stabbed Ranil in the back.