Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ravi K is talking from his rear end in resigning from the Nominations Board

For one so steeped in Politics, and who works very hard to maintain his popularity, he is surely acting like a spoiled child who lost out on some cookies! The letter to the Leader of the Opposition, accusing him of using overriding powers is a little rich considering the opportunistic politics that RK follows and also bearing in mind that he is a sore loser. 
He resigned at the 11th hr, only because he did not like the ruling. If he agreed with them he would not. So his principles come secondary to what he wants. He did not get the candidates he wanted, in the nomination, so he sulked. If one looks at the real reason for his bitterness, one would know it is NOT principles but self interest. 

He is trying to find justification, by including all Electoral Organizers in his case as being upset. In the best interests of the party, the Leader must give nominations to those who he believes have the best chance of defeating the incumbents, not out of loyalty to longstanding supporters who could NOT get a band of voters if they tried. The letter is mischievous in that it shows his true colors. He says that as his choices were not followed the fact that UNP would have won the Colombo District under the old rule, is now lost. The reality is that due to overriding RK’s choices, the gap of loss for the UNP is likely to be a little less. Huge loss nevertheless!

This cuts to the chase on his logic. He is just simply unpardonably duplicitous. This person’s given nomination, will potentially eat into his vote bank, and at a general election get more preferences than RK. That is why he does not want the nomination to be given to a winner! Simple as that. He wants to be top dog in tub!

In the insular politics of Sri Lanka, those in higher positions DO NOT WANT threats to their power base. It is NORMAL for Organizers to NOT WANT any candidates who could be better! than them in preferences. Now as we all know that is NOT good for the party, as the party is not concerned about the votes of the Organizers or existing MPs, just only about the total votes given to the elephant that determines how many get elected, and then hopefully be able to beat the incumbency! 

IT IS TIME FOR RK to put Party before self, and country first, and shut up about his ego being bruised in the best interests of the party and Country!         

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