Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Please don't add to the number of Ministers - Please - It’s not the person, it’s the position stupid!

We must immediately reduce the number to a maximum of 30 Cabinet and Deputy, not increase it to 100

Why is there no hue and cry over the impending appointment of SIX MORE DEPUTY MINISTERS?


In a Country where nothing can be implemented, because none of the Cabinet Ministers are still clear about their responsibilities, powers, and jurisdiction, adding to the confusion is completely reprehensible.

This is what is being done to accommodate every baby who cries fould at not having anything to do, or be able to tell their backers, they can’t give jobs, as they have don’t have ministries to stuff more yes men into.

We are adding to traitors not to patriots and automatically this position is not going to be used for the benefit of Sri Lanka, its citizens and the important tasks ahead, but for more ceremonies of taking office, more places for them to sit, more positions for their lackeys and more space for their security.

It is simply crazy that for a population of 21Million, smaller than most states of the USA, most cities in China, most Provinces in India, we have people in positions but no powers, or common sense to do anything for the benefit of the Country.

Don’t misunderstand me. These people have been given positions just to be yes men, not to do a job. They are a nuisance to the Cabinet Minister as they are going to be a thorn in his side, as he has to listen to more fools, and he has enough fools to listen to already, instead of choosing someone who at least has some common sense to advise him.

Politicians are in the mistaken belief that they know what their constituencies want. Yes they know what they ask, BUT NOT WHAT THEY REALLY WANT. They are sadly intellectually challenged to see the difference and thus we have the downfall of our political system, where eigth graders are listening to people’s request, without the ability to really get to the bottom of their requests to supply what they really need to improve their lives for the better. Make no bones about it providing what they ask for will not satisfy the long term needs of the voter, it will merely satiate them till next week when they will come asking for more.

I suppose our political system works on the premise that giving a little of what they ask will make them enslaved, so beholden so the politician in question will have a following based on slavery. That is not good for the Country it is treason. That is why these appointments are against the interest of the Country.


  1. The present political system puts politicians first, not Country. Any country which puts its people first, will reduce the number of administrators, political, government and other that are paid by the state, to a minimum.

    Only then can a country concentrate on its priorities. Putting people in jobs, or giving jobs is not a priority for a country, it is just a priority for a person only. A person in just one citizen out of 21 million. So that is the value of that priority. The moment we are truly aware of it we may see a real improvement

  2. These real buffoons have been appointed state ministries, which means new ministries, secretaries jobs cars, security, and costs further affecting the poor people of this country. We must stop everyone in government for taking the people for a ride. Its simply crazy