Wednesday, June 13, 2018

North Korea under the US sphere of influence - who loses? Russia, China & to a lesser extent, Japan and South Korea

North Korea needs US technology to improve the quality of life of their citizens, more than the US needs anything from there. So for nuclear disarmament they will benefit enormously from US aid, which to the US is pea nuts but the poor 25M North Koreans it’s a shit load of money.

A dictatorship is better able with US help to impose a development model without leaving it for market forces to find the equilibrium. With tried and tested technology, they can leap to the 5G generations, skipping even the motorbike era for its citizens.

What if Kim says I want all my roads to be ready to take autonomous vehicles from day one? It will go straight from 19th century to 22nd in one jump, and it is the South Koreans who are going to feel the heat, seeing the neighbor in the North benefitting the most.

It’s time to get your house in order to get ready to go and work in North Korea, as the opportunities for overall success are greatest.

I guess this relationship is not as bad as was thought, Kim a Generation Z at heart is ready to leapfrog. Forget the political prisoners for the moment as that is not going to achieve the planned success, until the economy begins to grow. Then you can even contemplate releasing these miserable wretches who have been tortured and starved for years, those who survived that is as we know that 20 years ago, at least 5M North Koreans starved to death due to famine.

The truly fun part is going to be when US investment completely overwhelms North Korea. Russia and China will look glumly at the increasing US influence on what they regarded as their turf.

These are the benefits of gun boat diplomacy, that the US under Trump imposed on North Korea and before you can say Jack the hard working Korean work ethic would transform the North, unspoiled and beautiful to be the latest must visit place on earth.

Coming back to earth now, it is unlikely that the doomsday scenario will take hold.

Donald J Trump will then be seen as the savior of the day, outwitting all the punters, and naysayers big time.

Pack your bags and let’s get ready for the North Korean Gold Rush, providing goods at even lower prices to the US market as they will get more preferential access than even China and Taiwan to say nothing of Japan and South Korea.

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  1. Frankly the US will not bother investing in North Korea, it is South Korea who will want to expand into the North and it makes sense just in the way the two Germany's united. After all they speak the same language and there is no reason to be divided, except for the power of the dictator. This latter issue can be resolved with time, as in about 20 years Kim would be dead of a heart attack anyway, and then it can transition into unification.

    So a 20 year plan can bring the country up to development on a par with the South, creating a Korean Colossus to rank with Japan, and with Japan having a declining population and Koreas with the North especially having a growing population will surpass Japan on GDP and also quality of life due to their population pyramid. Good luck to this venture, I hope Kim has the foresight to get on this sooner rather than later.