Friday, January 12, 2018

Putin says that the North Korean Leader is a genius - but it is all a game, and Trump is one of the players. read all about it

What has the world come to? Putin is now saying North Korea’s KIM is a genius and in the same breadth that in reality both Trump and Kim are chums, chatting to each other all the time, laughing about how foolish the world is.

Please read the links below before following the rest of the story, as that is what it is, just a laugh at the expense of the world and these high and mighty professors who are pontificating on Foreign Policy, Defence Studies, War Games and putting the War Games into clever computers to analyse the likely outcomes, all of which are useless because the players are merely making up stories to frighten the public keep them away from the real problem of their personality defects.

We the public are just being led a dance by all these players, who are being entertained by tis charade of upstaging to enhance their personal reputation and brands. Now most of the world admire Kim for standing up to BIG BROTHER USA and both Trump and Kim are laughing about these foolish people, when in fact both are mad and should in reality be sectioned in an Asylum preferably in adjoining rooms, so they can shout at each other!

All this shouting can be shown on reality TV and will form the show with the highest ratings in history as most of the world will be watching their shouting match, and being entertained by their absurdity itself!

So to think that there are so many highly paid think tanks all over the world working on a problem that does not exist, is too absurd as they are collectively costing the tax payers of all these countries inexorable amounts of money, while not one penny should be spent on this game, and instead concentrate our energies in putting these people away from the ability to harm humankind, by locking them away and throwing the keys.

All this may sound quite bizarre and the musings of a fertile mind, but just ponder on what I have written, read the links and please come to your conclusion on what is the likely true scenario, and NO ONE is going to confirm or deny my hypotheses either.

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