Thursday, January 11, 2018

It is time for the Executive Director of CAFFFE to resign

 as he is completely biased and does not have a straight hair in his head anymore

Rajitha Keerthi Tennekoon as the Executive Director of CAFFFE tasked primarily with ensuring free and fair electoral processes in Elections, who did not during the MR regime dare to criticize the Government in power in this way, is suddenly using the freedoms promised and delivered by this Government to find fault with the Government and the Prime Minister in particular with a vendetta more reminiscent of someone SCORNED!

This kind of reprehensible revengeful statements like the one attributed here in the link below, should be looked at by those who govern CAFFFE to put their Executive Director on notice, NOT to use his august position to sling mud at each other just like the Parliamentarians are engaged in.

CAFFFE requires a level of integrity, which Tennekoon for whatever personality defect he suffers from is patently unqualified to hold this post, yet no one seems to have noticed his behavior, especially the use of social media to misuse his position to take advantage of a perceived independence, which upon reading that clearly indicates his patent bias.

It is quite possible he has a paymaster behind the scenes who possibly has enslaved him, which adds another dimension to this plot of his, effectively leading innocent people believing in his unbiased independence down the garden path, to make decisions that are wrong, without foundation, and completely inappropriate once his nakedness is exposed for all to see.

I will appeal to him to look in the mirror and ask if he has a conscience left in making unseemly allegations against the rulers in power, democratically elected, about whom we may or may not agree, to sling mud in a worse form that the parliamentary debacle of yesterday, which was true to form as none of the 225 are qualified to hold their MP posts, and CAFFFE has not agitated against ALL as patently unfit to rule, merely picking on the PM as the baddest of the bad that inhabits the earth when the rogues litter this country.

Pray tell me what has the PM financially gained from all his years in office other than his salary and perks of the position? What has Tennekoon gained in his capacity, earning more than the PM to throw mud at the PM and not disclosing most of his earnings for Tax purposes. So I ask him before he is exposed to the world as a huge fraud, to have his head screwed ON and not OFF


  1. Checked his FB page and he is lying again. He is now going to court to fight to limit Sirisena term to 6 years. However his FB page said Sirisena is asking for an extension, when all he has asked was for the Supreme Court to interpret the law and permit up to 6 years, if legally possible, and it does not mean he will or wont, he just needs to know and that is just as well now rather than later. So he is lying in his page and so is unfit to hold this important post on behalf of the public interest.

  2. He is so ignorant. The President has already recommended that laws be passed to collect the loss incurred by the state. Perpetual Treasuries money is legally frozen and once the law is passed can all be collected, the whole amount as mentioned in the Bond Commission. So what pray Tennekoon is your problem?

    After all none of the US$12Billion stolen by the Rajapakses has been recovered, and unlikely as it is carefully tucked away overseas where it cannot be found, and could be in a Bitcoin Wallet OUT OF THE REACH of any jurisdiction. He must have his head examined chasing ants, when he should be chasing the whales! Talk about using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. He must be in the pay of the Rajapakses as he is cleverly diverting the public attention away from the more serious crimes that have cost the nation over 1,000 times the value the Bond scam has.

  3. Ignorant Country, Ignorant People easily fooled by Charlatans. They are both the crooks like Aloysius and Rajapakses and ignorant bigots like Tennekoon, who should know where to concentrate his attention on, if he is truly representing the public interest, which is the whole purpose of his organization.