Thursday, February 2, 2017

Policy Challenge by Australian PM Turnbull responded to with a Trump TANTRUM!

Is that correct or is it merely incorrect reporting by CNN to poke fun at the US President? I don’t know that answer to that!

If in fact the link above is reporting the truth, then we have a problem with the whole subject of US Foreign Policy.

If under the Obama Administration, they agreed that the US will take 1,250 Syrian Refugees after the due and proper vetting process, why is Trump going back on his word? Is it because it is in direct contradiction of his temporary order to STOP all non Citizens exc. Green Card Holders from 7 Countries?

Well what must his simple mind been telling him? If he said OK to Turnbull, then it would seem that he is contradicting himself, or is making a unilateral special case, as all those currently being denied have had their cases previously checked out for months and only been given the green light to enter the US once they have got the ALL CLEAR.

It is absolutely facetious to think that any of them have a greater likelihood of being a BOSTON BOMBER type, than from the White American Population at large that is so full of nut cases, a shooting is bound to happen sooner rather tan later, to make his executive orders the laughing stock amongst all but his diminishing band of supporters who are one by one beginning to realize the human folly or flaw that is the US President, who was so successful in fooling so many that he actually was voted in under the US Election rules!

Just think about it, one of the closest allies of the United States is being rebuffed by the US President, so when you have friends like this who needs enemies? Why is he alienating the very people who have come to his aid in history, in all wars, Korea, Vietnam, and I personally know Aussie Vietnam Vets, and I BET TRUMP DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THEY EXIST!

It is this Red Neck Rural thinking that we have to be content with for 4 years and it is going to take 4 years for the tide to realize how bizarre the whole deal is. History of course will look on these individual incidences to explain the character flaw that will eventually enter the vocabulary as “He is a TRUMP” and everyone will know who he means by it. So let us enjoy this TRUMP!


  1. Trumpsim has already entered the vocabulary, but that is different to being a Trump to accurately describe his peculiar personality that has also made him quite successful and fearless, but at the same time extremely sensitive to criticism where he fights back leaving NO stone unturned.

    There are elements of narcissistic personality disorder in it too, and soon a psychological profile getting his whole personality down to a T will be written, so that psychologically minded individuals will both be able to deal with his TWEETS sensibly, and take him at face value when they really understand the GAME he is playing.

    At present the game is merely a guessing game from observers NOT knowing what is going to come out next! Soon it will be quite passe with people saying what is new?

  2. I guess his life was a Tantrum and he is just continuing as before, it is just now more in the open as he is no longer a private personality cooped up in his penthouse, but with the whole world watching his every move.

    It will be interesting to see if this person meta morphs into a better more calm person or into a completely out of control whacko that may call for an impeachment sooner rather than later, if they are able to harness sufficient psychologists to conclude that he is of unsound mind, and his finger on the nuclear button could hasten the end of the world as in tomorrow!
    LET US WATCH THIS PACE we are in for very unpredictable times, and interesting of you are a positive person, who cant wait for the next outburst.

  3. How much influence does his team have on him? Are these thought out positions, based on rational evaluation or sour of the moment gaffes that the team will later correct after the publicity has already been made. IT may be his modus operandi anyway to get people's backs up, gauge their reactions and then play the TRUMP card!

    To win the round!