Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The latest Twitter outburst - pitting Sajith and Harsha against reason and fair play. It does not pay to be someone else's lackey anymore!

The Sajith Premadasa Conundrum! The two faces of duplicity~

If further evidence was needed on my hypotheses, reinforced by the feelings on the ground in Sri Lanka (namely, that we cannot tolerate any person, being selected by voters at the next general election, who have ever served for even a day as an MP in the Sri Lanka Parliament’s history) I provide proof positive of the duplicitous character of the enigma, that is completely unsuitable as a leader for Sri Lanka, on a par with that scoundrel without an ounce of brain aka Namal Rajapakse!

The latest was the past 24 hour Twitter Frenzy caused by the completely unnecessary intervention of Sajith Premadasa to defend Maharajahs at their behest, when mercilessly attacked by Muhunthan Canagey. Harsha de Silva, foolishly or knowingly joined in the tirade against Canagey's allegations.

Canagey’s ire against Maharajahs is well known, the main reason being the granting of hugely valuable spectrum licenses for almost nothing in return for favors in Media for Maithripala Sirisena, through the TRC and his own brother at the helm of SLT.

For a bit of background, it was Maharajah’s Sirasa that gave credibility and stamp of authority for the Coup gone wrong carried out by MS and his band of ill-advised legal advisers, whose only goal was to destroy their arch enemy Ranil Wickremesinghe, even if they would take the whole Country down to their knees to achieve a personal vendetta.

It is clear that Maharajahs completely miscalculated the outcome of the Coup and now have egg on their face, however the duplicitous team that they are, have all their bases covered, and Sajith has been on their payroll, or at least their slave for as long as he has been in politics, thanks to the favors granted to them by President Premadasa in a quid pro quo basis.

So Kili Maharajah called in the favor, to damn Muhunthan Canagey’s allegation, and Sajith doing his masters bidding, along with Harsha de Silva who probably wants a few favors granted him too, fell for the bait and ruined their political careers all in a matter of minutes, WITHOUT thinking about the consequences for their future! Such cretins did this world produce, when our politicians are mere slaves of Oligarchs!

In today’s social media world these juveniles (nambis) don’t understand the sheer power of those who see through the charade and call a spade a spade, not worrying about who they are, as long as their actions are seen to be against the people of this Country and only pursuing an agenda of their masters, who are now REVILED as the EXCRETA of our society. (Sajith backing Excreta)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

LATEST: First 15 Crossovers to be paid Rs500M in the MPs Auction

So it’s a no brainer that Swaminathan, Gamini Jayawickrema Perera and John Amaratunga will take this largesse and go to Mahinda, so that when he dissolves parliament in a few months and call elections, they can go into happy retirement with all this money, so what do you think? Do they have principles or are they prostitutes? They will retire anyway but have not been able to make the money they had hoped for under Ranil, so who cares about principles?

I am afraid that is the state of the state in Sri Lanka today, and the stakes for democracy are so high, the people must demand an alternative that retains their inalienable rights over Governing, which the present system clearly is NOT!

Just think about it a Recycling Plant costs Rs 300M. Sri Lanka does not have even one Recycling Plant. Now MPs are for sale at Rs 300M to Rs 500M, and they are constantly being recycled into Parliament. Time the public insist that no one can return to Parliament after ONE TERM. The only way to prevent this kind of auction.

So go sell your soul and your entire family's - just go ahead, you just have to be quick as there are ONLY 15 spots left at the JACKPOT of life

We are the true Nationalists, not the pseudo Nationalists who are willing to pay the people’s money for POWER

Monday, October 29, 2018

Impeachment now is the only option, surely!

It’s the time to take out the President, as he is shown to be a traitor, not a savior as all the charges made are trumped up.

IMPEACHMENT and incarceration is the need of the hour

For the sake of sanity, after years of undermining the Prime Minister’s efforts to clean up the stables, when people like Dilrukshi Dias W was removed, when her investigation of crimes became too hot for him to handle and save his friends, pining the same charge on Ranil Wickremesinghe, is NOT THE WAY TO HIDE YOUR OWN TREACHERY.

Listening to a litany of lies on TV his command of the Authority of Office which up to now we were able to live with had turned now against his either mental state, or if he is under threat by the Rajapakse’s we don’t know. However money talks and Rajapakse’s have BILLIONS of dollars, which illegitimate Governments like DUBAI refuse to give up, as their whole existence is predicated on their ability to bank ill-gotten gains of drug runners and despots from all over the world, once the Swiss decided to clean up their act.

Simply put all the dirty money in the world is parked in Dubai, and the Rajapakses have so much that they have enough to buy each MP for over Rs1Billion and have change left over.

It is the question whether our politics is for sale to the highest bidder, and if so how much has the President been promised, a man who said he had been offered enough for 14 generations, and refused.

We cannot wait at this juncture for history to judge this night of the long knives as one of the worst annals in contemporary history, where the legitimately elected President of a Country abused his own powers to try and justify his existence when the truth was getting just too hard to handle.

Just picking on the absurdity of his speech, ETI group was a private group trying to negotiate the sale of its assets to be able to pay off his liabilities and he is dreaming of a scam of tenders not called for? What planet pray is he living in to justify his action?

Enough said, people who read have such a limited attention span, that, people in power know that so abuse their power to maximize on latter day, impotence of the general public when the future of their Country is at stake. WE who sincerely care about the future, want out future back from those intent on destroying it, and in this case by justifying it by any means possible - LYING

Whichever way you look at it, despite the Constitutional nuances, it is clear that the Friday night coup – was nothing other than an illegal coup!

There is no point in going through the legal niceties to justify this or that, that is left to the Supreme Court and finally an immediate (not delayed) summoning of Parliament within 24 hours to determine who holds the confidence of the majority of the duly elected people of this Country.

However for the record, the links below give two arguments for and against:

For a President to take such drastic steps as to shock the nation after close of business on a Friday evening, and stall the Helicopter of the Prime Minister who was in the South, so he could not fly back to prevent his ouster, was a cunning but more to the point a selfish act that will be seen throughout the world as the “rule of the jungle”

As if he does not know about the rule of the jungle and what that does to a Country, so he is complicit in a crime against the Country. A traitor, needing to be hung by the neck as punishment no less.

So it was clear in his speech, by his demeanor that he was lying at the time he was addressing the nation.

The baldfaced lies are purely because he knows the people of the Country can be easily fooled, and will believe any cock and bull story, and can only experience “the cock of the story” in time and realize they have been had, and then it is too late to do anything about it.

Using the element of surprise, the power at his disposal, he could make a decision, which he did. So no one is saying he did not have the power to do so. I am saying he SOLD HIS COUNTRY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, while claiming his opponent, in this case Ranil Wickremesinghe was about to the sell the Country to foreigners.

Using this tried and tested XENOPHOBIC canard, which equally and more applies to Rajapakse who he appointed, he tried to legitimize lies by spending a few minutes lying to the nation.
Beginning with by appointing a rogue as the Secretary to the President, namely Hemasiri Fernanado who permitted the Public Money, at People’s Bank to be lent to friends and those who were willing to pay him large bribes, like 10% of the money lended, he put the Administrative Service in jeopardy.

We know then this was planned from that point. It is Ranil Wickremesinghe’s stupidity that he did not smell a rat. So it was a bit rich calling the PM a crook, like the plot calling the kettle black!

So a President to address the nation and call the sitting Prime Minister a crook and all his speech was trying to justify that moniker was TOTALLY OUT OF LINE. It is the people of the Country who should determine that later in an election, as he is the legitimately elected Prime Minister and the President ONLY sitting their with his head still intact because of the Protection of Ranil Wickremesinghe

So for him to turn out the electricity of Temple Trees, and withdraw the Security detachment is a rotten and dirty deed, done with a typically village mentality of uncivilized behavior, in keeping his family tradition of ruining his home District of Polonnaruwa by a generation of plunder for personal gain.

He knows the Sri Lankan people take everything lying down, though they let passions rise for the wrong reasons and create damage to Public Property, that is their property to get rid of their anger, another poor trait of the people.

I need not go into each aspect of his address to the Nation as it was merely an unproven vengeful and fanciful set of allegations made by two bit unrealiable jokers, on whom he is pinning an assassination plot, masterminded by the Indian RAW. Implication being that if he is assassinated Ranil Wickremasinghe automatically becomes the President.

To cut a long story short, and taking the advice of the Speaker who all know is a man of integrity and acting in the best interests of the nation, which he clearly has shown himself incompetent in, he SHOULD HAVE CALLED PARLIAMENT before the coup to show who had the majority to govern. There was a no confidence motion against the PM which the PM was able to win handsomely so what do you do, you choose a questionable means, but all say, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY CALL PARLIAMENT TO SEE WHO COMMANDS THE CONFIDENCE.

Now the deed is done, we just have to see if a no confidence motion against dubiously appointed Mahinda Rajapakse can be can defeated OR NOT. Just do it to save the nation, and let your personal integrity GO TO HELL!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

So there are buyers queuing up for JKH, but they are being put off by the uncertainty and corruption of the State

Read this excellent link below on the state of play of JKH, whose share price has tanked due to the international interest rate meltdown that has immediately lead to the 10% drop in the rupee vs the US dollar, to say nothing of the rupee price itself delivering a double whammy blow to existing investors, fearful of further losses, and who want to exit now to minimize the drop in their portfolio values.


There are a few conglomerates who see an opportunity, which if the SL Government was SMART would welcome them as it would mean an immediate infusion of US$2.5B into the Country.

This is to say that smart investors now see value in JKH. They are willing to go up to US$2.5B to buy the group. They know they can break it up, into its parts and float them away, making the Sri Lanka Stock Market more liquid in the rush, and have their value increase to US$4B.

Remember this is 250% of the current share price and CURRENT INVESTORS TO A MAN WILL SELL.

So what is the problem?

Simple, some jokers in Govt. want bribes to allow them to do this, and the payer is not allowed to pay bribes, however it is sugar coated as it is illegal in their own country anyway. 10% or US$250M was bandied about, but they will not even countenance a penny. Just sell to existing shareholders, who cash out, this company looks at all the Companies and decides how to carve it up, to maximize value and sell at least 50% of the shares to the public and overseas on a much better performance budget, while the fat is all taken out.

What is standing in their way are the labor laws about compensation for firing the useless baggage called staff who are not pulling their way. The inability to put foreign managers to run the newly carved out businesses for a year to be able to make them attractive entities to float.

They don't want lawsuits and delays and state intervention to intercede, as the whole deal is one that needs a minimum of delay so that in one year all new entities can be hived off, creating about 25 different stock market entities out of JKH.

This frankly is the best thing that can happen to JKH as existing investors will have the funds to do as they please, with local investors also then getting funds to grow their businesses or invest in the new businesses thus created.

Making a company more efficient will help that company grow, be it in the hospitality business, or retail, or internet sales, incentivising performance and not old age or service. these lean businesses that hitherto had hopeless time serving management who only wanted their salaries cars and perks, but who were inherently lazy have no time in a business that needs to grow double digits.

This foundation can then create companies that in 4 years will be worth at least US$20B, and the economy, the investors, the foreign investor who is willing to do this, if he is given cast iron guarantees will all luck out including the new management who will be rewarded by options.

Hitherto, JKH had been led by a bunch of goons for their own benefit, who have not added an iota to the value of JKH in their tenure, and have helped themselves to illegal stock options, at the expense of the real workers and investors who see their shares drop in value.

So this is a plea to the Island Mentality Government to make it clear that they are open to a take over bid for the whole group and they will not stand in the way and further more permit it to happen in 30 days the time investor needs, as they are not willing to entertain any delays.

This will prevent the oligopolistic inefficiency with NO inward foreign investment that will result and will just run the companies to the ground as their intentions are purely greed and not to add value to the economy.

So Govt. of SL it is your call to make the statement loud and clear that you will not stand in your way 

Friday, October 12, 2018

What were the Saudis thinking, luring and killing Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul?

The brazen behavior of MBS the Saudi Crown Prince, announcing to the media world that he will not tolerate dissent, by killing a US resident Saudi journalist in Istanbul, has put his erstwhile ally Donald Trump on the spot like never before!

As if Trump had no other problems on his hand, and now has to face the midterm elections in three weeks, for this to come up at the crucial moment is at best  foolish timing by MBS to make matters difficult for POTUS. Donald Trump.


Time will tell, but MBS must ruing his decision to have him removed from life, if he has any common sense, and values the world's public opinion as it is not merely showing that he will not tolerate any criticism of his rule, but now it will turn the spotlight on everything he does.

Just imagine the smurk on the faces of the Countries that are stacked against Saudi Arabia. I can't begin to think the smirk on the face of the Iranian President knowing there is now no defense of Saudi Arabia, whatever they do.

The stupid Saudi Agents who did this are now out in the open as Turkey has provided the details of the people who came in two jets from Riyadh to carry out the contract, and to MBS their names being out in the open is no fuss, and they are the ones who will now be in the spotlight.

All in all it is quite clear this will backfire spectacularly on MBS whose impetuous behavior, will be further highlighted and his detractors will have evidence to attack him with.

The arrogance at which he performed this believing that people want Saudi, and not the other way round is going to ricochet back once the world oil price hike is a thing of the past, and Saudi will have to find another way to suppress the growing dissent at home on the quality of life of the majority of those living in Saudi which is on the way down despite the enormous display of gluttony and waste by the ruling princes elite!

I guess someone had to pay the price of arrogance and it will be the turning point, when Saudi history is written that undid this master plan created to bring Saudi Arabia into the international fold from Pariah status, and now will destine it back to the pariah status, due to the pariah acts it seems to carry out.

This war in Yemen will now embolden the enemies of Saudi sensing the turning of the Publicity tide against them to take advantage of the window provided to show to the world how two faced they are and that there is no intention on the part of the monarchy to reform and partake as valuable citizens in collection of nations that make up the world and so they will just have to lie in bed with their erstwhile enemies Israel to find bed mates to conjoin with while the rest of the world will lay no stone unturned to investigate the behavior of the regime like it has never done before.

This awakening of the Frankenstein's monster in world media anger against this brutal killing, is going to consume the Kingdom, and hasten its demise, where the princes will have no place to hide, and not even the USA in a generation and they will sadly regret this turning point as the beginning of the end.

I write this with no malice, just stating facts on how a stupid act can be the catalyst in destroying a whole nation and its plan to change and curry favor with the rest of the world. 

The next stage will be the isolation of the whole Muslim world from Saudi Arabia, one which they ass benefactors have seen to have bought up until now, but not any more! 

This is a good example for students of history to study how power corrupts absolutely, and know what it really means, as it cannot be sustained forever. Only righteousness finally wins.

So much for their deity they believe in! he will not spare them.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Time we offer refuge to US disabled people, as they face a very likelihood of death at the hands of US Police, than any other country!

Can you believe it? It is frightening to be disabled in the US, as if you  somehow are unlucky enough to come face to face with a US Policeman, and they all carry guns, they are MORE LIKELY to shoot you dead and ask questions later, as they are TRIGGER HAPPY, FRIGHTENED FOR THEIR SAFETY, and they are NOT prosecuted if they kill you, as they claim some nebulous reason for killing you as they FELT they were threatened and did not know that the person they killed has some form of disability for acting the way they did!

Read the link for the corroboration for the statement made above please!


It is without doubt this a human rights violation against the UN charters that the US has signed as to rights of citizens. However clearly they do not adhere to that and they do not belong to the ICC or Criminal Court, so they cannot be held liable for their grave HR violations.

So when the book is thrown at anyone by the USA, just say, we have a problem, but it pales in comparison to the killing fields in the USA and to say nothing of the 3,000,000 incarcerated persons rotting in jail with no hope of proper rehabilitation or being weaned from addiction, or crime.

Say it as it is in Donald Trump's USA